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Johan has established a reputation as an inspiring motivational speaker with a straightforward and entertaining, yet deeply provocative message.

A product of Humboldt Park Chicago, an area known for its gang violence and crime, Johan was able to move past the obstacles and traps that ensnared so many of his peers and live a life that was far from ordinary. His dreams, choices and determination took him from inner city of Chicago to a national speaker who uses his life story to help people of all ages believe in the power of their dreams and the impact their life can make in the world around them.

Johan is a TEDx speaker and he’s been on TV and Radio shows, like The Tyra Banks Show, WLS Radio, The Today Show and Jane The Virgin.  He is also one of the lead counselors and educator for the CANDO program in Chicago.

Ben Glenn, the Simple ADHD Expert®, aka The Chalkguy, was diagnosed with Dyslexia and other Learning Disabilities while in grade school. As an adult he discovered that he had suffered from ADD all along and suddenly everything about his life made perfect sense.

He left college to pursue a love of art and speaking, and has been “on the road”, full-time since 1995, traveling to every part of the United States as well as to more remote places like China and Australia to share his message.

Ever since his ADD diagnosis, he has been on a personal quest to learn as much as possible about his “disorder”. This journey has completely changed the way he views himself and ADD. Nowhere is the saying “Knowledge is Power” more applicable than when it comes to ADD.

Years of living with and studying ADD have brought Ben to the firm conclusion that ADD impairs a person’s life when that person is trapped in an ADD-unfriendly environment or does not possess the information needed in order to deal with their symptoms. It may be a long time before much changes about the way typical schools operate, or the way a corporation expects their employees to behave, but Ben’s mission is to share what he has discovered and continues to discover daily about ADD.

Apart from helping dispel the myths and misunderstandings surrounding ADD, Ben speaks about overcoming adversity, diversity and creativity.

Finally, as much as he loves being a speaker and performing artist, he loves being a husband and father more. His lives with his wife and two daughters in Indianapolis, Indiana.


Frequently Asked Questions

When does Registration open and close and how much does 4-HU cost?

  • Cost is $295
  • Registration is open May 1 to June 12, 2020. No late registrations.

Check out the Costs page for dates and prices!

Who can attend 4-HU?

  • Participants must be between the ages of 14 – 18 and must not have graduated high school as of September 1st of the previous year.

What’s the dress code for 4-H University?

Take a look at the Florida 4-H State Dress Code. There is a more detailed expectation for each day and events at 4-H University.

What should I bring to 4-H University?

4-H University is much like 4-H Summer Camp in regards to packing. Check out the link below to be prepared for the week.

Please note that participants will need to bring money for lunch, gift shop, snacks or any fundraisers.


  • Buy Fresh Hot Pizza By the Slice or Pie each night in the dorms. Drinks will be for sale too. No more waiting for delivery. You will need cash for this purchase.

What if I have to take medication while at 4-H University?

If a youth brings any prescription or over the counter medication with them, they will need to fill out a medication form.  The form and medication need to be in a clear plastic bag and should be handed over to either their Adult in Charge (the person who will check their group in) or directly to the designated Medical Adult at Hume Hall when you check in for 4-H University. Youth should not bring meds to the Union or to their rooms.

Why yes, there is! Take a look at the 2019 Handbook which explains the event, some of its activities, and some general expectations we have for our participants.

4-H University 2020 Participant Handbook – COMING SOON! 

Find out more about Share the Fun, the 4-H Talent Showcase click here.

To learn more about Competitive Events click here.

Click here to see the 2020 Schedule at a Glance! – COMING SOON!

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