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Registration will open on May 1st and will remain open until June 30th. All registrations, both youth and adult, must be submitted on 4HOnline by 11:59 PM on June 30th to be assured workshop preference, roommate requests, and t-shirt availability.  There will be no late registration.

The State Headquarters recommends having youth whose attendance is contingent on their District Event performance register in advance. Counties may hold their registration at the county level and remove it without any penalty as long as they are removed before June 30th.

We ask for agents to continually “approve” their youth on the county level in the 4-H Online system as they become available. Approval on the county level does not affect registration costs. However, youth that are in the system after June 30th may be held liable for registration fees so please stay on top of registration approvals.

Following the close of registration and county approval, a registration summary will be emailed to each registered county for review. Invoices will be sent out post-event to capture any additional charges your county may incur. County checks should be made payable to the Florida 4-H Foundation. Only one county check from each county should be sent.



May 1 – June 12

Monday – Thursday                                             $295

State Competitive Events – Monday, July


One Day Only Participants

  • Registration will open at the following times and participants must be checked in by a parent or guardian at the 4-H University Headquarters desk in the Reitz Union:
    State Competitive Events: 12:00-1:00 PM, July 29, 2019
    Share the Fun: 1:00-2:00 PM July 30, 2019
  • Participants must be checked out by a parent or guardian by the following times, at the 4-H University Headquarters desk in the Reitz Union depending on their registration:
    July 29, State Competitive Events: 6:30 PM Monday (Dinner and the Opening Ceremony/Keynote are not included)
    July 30, Share the Fun: 10:00 PM or immediately following Share the Fun

What is covered in the registration cost?

  • Lodging for overnight participants
  • Breakfast (Tuesday – Thursday) for overnight participants
  • Lunch (Tuesday – Wednesday) for overnight participants
  • Dinner (Monday – Wednesday) for overnight participants
  • Speaker and entertainment costs
  • Transportation to off-site locations
  • Supplies (awards, printing, programs, etc.)
  • Miscellaneous costs (security, socials, dance, insurance, shirts, etc.)

What is not covered in the registration cost?

  • Bedding within dorms (please bring a twin bed set or sleeping bag)

Refund Policy

  • Registrations cancelled after June 30th will NOT be reimbursed. The member/county is responsible for payment.
  • Unless otherwise stated, 4-H University falls inline with the State 4-H Event Policy (Refund/Cancellation Procedure listed on the bottom of page 2).
  • All cancellations must be e-mailed to Courtney Quirie at courtney.quirie@ufl.edu as soon as possible.

Substitution Policy

  • After June 30, ONLY SAME GENDER substitutions are allowed (upon availability).
  • No substitutions can be made after July 8, 5:00 pm.
  • All substitutions must be e-mailed to Courtney Quirie at courtney.quirie@ufl.edu as soon as possible.



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