4-HU State Council


The Florida 4-H State Council is made up of Voting Delegates from each county along with the eight State Council Officers. The State Council meets each year at 4-H University to elect a new team of officers and to vote on any proposed changes to the Florida 4-H State Council Constitution. Each county is responsible for selecting two youth to represent the county as voting delegates to the State Council. Talk with your 4-H Agent to determine if you are a Voting Delegate.

The State Council Officers are each assigned to chair a planning committee on the Florida 4-H Executive Board which meets three times a year. This youth leadership board is made up of participants from all thirteen Florida 4-H Districts. The State Council and Executive Board programs are built around youth/adult partnerships that give feedback to the Florida 4-H Program.

Youth interested in becoming officer candidates are required to submit their application through their County 4-H Agent or County Extension Director.


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