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4-H is the only youth development program with direct access to technological advances from university research.


According to the 4-H Study of Positive Youth Development conducted by Tufts University young people in 4-H:

  • Report better grades, higher levels of academic competence, and an elevated level of engagement at school.
  • Are nearly two times more likely to plan to go to college
  • Are more likely to pursue future courses in a career in science, engineering, or computer technology.


More than 220,000 youth participate in the IFAS Extension 4-H Youth Development Program in counties throughout the state.  Here are some notable, positive trends during the most recent reporting past year for Florida 4-H (2012-13 data):

  • There were increases in 4-H club membership, camping, school enrichment, and after school programs:
      • 4-H club enrollment increased 15 percent to 22,088 (from 19,158 last year) and the number of 4-H clubs increased by three percent.
      • Participation in 4-H camps increased 32 percent to 12,045 (from 9,141 last year).
      • Youth participated in 9,162 more 4-H projects than last year, an increase of three percent.
  • Number of 4-H volunteers (both youth and adults) increased 25 percent to 19,096 this year (from 15,244 last year).
  • Total 4-H enrollment remained fairly steady (222,942 youth participated; 229,723 including duplicates due to youth participating in multiple delivery modes such as clubs and camps).

Complete annual enrollment data for each county and the Seminole tribe are posted at http://florida4h.org/about/impact/ES237.


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