From One Cup Of Lemonade to National Miss United States Agriculture

Published: October 13th, 2015

Category: It All Began With Ag

“I REMEMBER BEING 5 YEARS OLD, this little tiny kid at the county fair carrying this huge rabbit. Well, the rabbit fell from out of my arms and I remember yelling to everyone that could hear me; go get it! We all took off after the rabbit, it seemed like everyone was helping. That is what I like most about 4-H, everyone looks out for you, everyone cares about each other. I’ve been a member of other organizations but I’ve never been a part of any other that is this much of a community.”

Shelbi McCall has been a member of 4-H since five years young and it was at that very age that she begin learning to be an entrepreneur. “I sold lemonade, so much so that I eventually saved enough to buy my first dairy calf.” Shelbi then earned and saved enough money from the dairy calf to buy two beef heifers and just like that Shelbi had developed herself a business model and established herself a business in the beef industry. “Most of my entrepreneurial skills I have to credit to 4-H. I’ve learned leadership and public speaking skills and 4-H has motivated me to work with people and develop relationships.”

Shelbi comes from a long line of agriculturalists. “Six generations of our family have been involved in the beef industry of some sorts. I believe in the importance of agriculture, I believe agriculture is the center of our economy and it is the heartbeat of this organization.” Shelbi believes that 4-H provides value to any future career. “4-H is full of career development opportunities and no matter what you choose to go into, you are always going to need public speaking skills, interviewing skills, and people skills. I appreciate that 4-H has provided those skills for me.” Recognizing that she is on the verge of becoming a 4-H Alumni, Shelbi wants to keep the community she fell in love with at age five together. “There are several people I look up to in the dairy and beef industries and I humbly hope to be able to be a resource for 4-H youth as I become an alumna. I am looking forward to interacting with 4-H alumni and getting lots of wisdom. It is obvious to me that the future of agriculture; the future leaders are coming out of this organization. To anyone who may be working to start your own business I would say start small, one cup of lemonade.”


Written by Shelbi McCall (National Miss United States Agriculture) and Shaumond Scott


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