Sport Fishing Camp; Shooting Sports Camp- Canceled



This year Florida 4-H Camping Program is proud to announce we are bringing back Sport fishing and Shooting Sports camp.  Youth will choose which track program they would like to attend.

Sport Fishing track will have a first-hand experience with Florida’s fresh water environment. Campers will learn about the lake ecology and the fresh water creatures that live there. Campers will have time to learn about how to catch fish.  Staff from FWC and the University of Florida will lead the campers through a week of the lifetime. Campers may have the chance to meet a local Professional Angler.

Shooting Sports track is unique experience., Campers will learn about air rifle and archery,  Campers 10 years and older will also learn about shotgun.

Campers will have ample shooting time as well as the opportunity to participate in a few other traditional camp activities. such as canoeing, swimming, recreational games, campfires, fishing, a dance and more. It’s guaranteed to provide youth with an exciting Outdoor Adventure!

Youth will have an opportunity to learn teambuilding skills and will participate in activities that will promote healthy lifestyle choices as well as physical activity. A daily snack from the canteen and a summer camp t-shirt are included in the camp fees, along with three nutritious meals per day prepared on site by our Certified Food Safety Staff. All cabins are air conditioned.

Campers must be between the ages of 8-13.  Eligibility is based on age by June 1, 2019.



4-H Camp Cloverleaf

Located on the Lake Wales Ridge just north of Lake
Placid, 4-H Camp Cloverleaf is situated directly on
Lake Francis, a 545-acre basin with plenty to explore.