Organizing a Club

The 4-H club is one of the most effective methods used by the 4-H program. 4-H clubs are organized groups of youth supported by screened and trained volunteer leaders.

Annually, club, member and volunteer enrollments are required for participation. All enrollment procedures are conducted through the Extension 4-H offices in your county.

Establishing a New 4-H Club
Florida has established the following criteria for enrolling as an official 4-H club. Official enrollment as a 4-H club and receipt of a 4-H Club Charter gives the club the authority to use the 4-H name and emblem. Clubs must be chartered through a request to the local Extension Office, meeting the minimum criteria and receiving written approval.

Criteria for Chartering and Maintaining a Florida 4-H Club:

  • An approved volunteer leader. The club must have at least one appointed volunteer leader (following application, screening and training).
  • Member recruitment and enrollment. The club should have at least five members from at least two families with completed enrollments.
  • Establish a meeting place. An initial meeting place is secured for at least several consecutive months.
  • A club name. An official, non-disciminatory club name is chosen by the youth members. Check out the Naming a 4-H Club fact sheet to help youth select an appropriate name for their group.
  • Club rules or by-laws. Youth should be guided to establish some rules, or by-laws, for the club meetings.
  • Club calendar and program plans are established. At least six regular club meetings are scheduled for the year. Additional project meetings can also be scheduled. The club members should be engaged in determing an educational topcis for each of their regularly schedule club meetings. (A tentative or draft plan for new clubs is okay.)


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