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4-H Program Leader and Associate Program Leader

Dr. Michael Gutter
Associate Dean for Extension and State Program Leader for 4-H Youth Development, Families and Communities
(352) 846-4444
IFAS Extension Administration, 4-H Youth Development
  Christopher Decubellis
Associate State Program Leader for 4-H Youth Development
(352) 846-4444
IFAS Extension Administration, 4-H Youth Development

4-H Program Staff and Specialists

Grace Carter
State 4-H Youth Leadership / Citizenship Coordinator
(352) 294-2914
Dr. Karen Blyler
State 4-H Science Coordinator
(352) 294-2903
Ali Baker. UF/IFAS 4H. Ali Pennisi
State 4-H Resource Development Coordinator
(352) 294-2906
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Dr. Kate Fogarty
Extension Specialist Youth Development
(352) 273-3527
Ben Knowles
State 4-H Information Coordinator
(352) 294-2902
Sarah Hensley
Youth Curriculum and Evaluation State Specialized Extension
Agent III
(352) 294-2904
  Sarah Whitfield
State 4-H Senior Volunteer Coordinator
(352) 294-2917
Dr. Dale Pracht
Extension Specialist Community Based Organizational Systems in
(352) 273-3533
Shaumond Scott
State 4-H Communications Manager
(352) 294-2911
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Travis Shepard:
State 4-H Events Coordinator:
(352) 294-2901
  Dr. Bryan Terry
State 4-H Volunteer Specialist
(352) 273-3539
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 Gabi O'Grady Gabi O’Grady

Straughn Professional Development Center Coordinator
(352) 294-2915

4-H Regional Specialized Agents

Regional Specialized 4-H Youth Agent IV
(813) 757-2184
South Central District
Regional Specialized 4-H Agent 
(352) 294-2910
Central District
Stacey Ellison
Regional Specialized 4-H Agent II
(352) 294-2908
North East District
Heather Kent
Regional Specialized Agent III
(850) 394-9124
North West District
Regional Specialized 4-H Agent II
(954) 577-6374
South District

4-H Camping

Kim Gumbiner
Business / Administrative Manager
(352) 294-2907
Neva Baltzell
Resident Director
(850) 929-4429
Camp Cherry Lake
Steve Cooper
Resident Director
(863) 465-4884
Camp Cloverleaf
Jennifer Williams
Resident Director
(850) 897-2224

Camp Timpoochee

4-H Administrative Support

Kathy Hartman
Business Manager, 4-H Youth Development Program
(352) 294-2913
Judy Johnson
Executive Secretary
(352) 294-2909
Rachel Ngai

Office Assistant
(352) 294-2905

Program Assistant
(352) 249-2921

Extension Specialists and Other Faculty Supporting 4-H Youth Development

Dr. Linda Bobroff
Family, Youth and Consumer Sciences: Food, Nutrition and Health
(352) 273-3521
Healthy Lifestyles, Chronic Disease Risk Reduction and Management, Nutrition in Aging
Dr. Gerald Culen
Extension Youth Development Specialist
(352) 273-3525
Environmental Education, Outdoor Education and Camping Programs
Wendy DeVito
Animal Sciences Youth Program Coordinator
(352) 392-1912
Animal Science and Equine Events
Dr. Rex Ellis
Environmental Pedology
(352) 392-1951
Florida Land Judging Contest
  Chris Strong
Extension Specialist (Meat Science)
Chris Holcomb
Dairy Youth Programs
(863) 519-8677
Florida Dairy Extension
Dr. Mark Hostetler
Extension Wildlife Ecology Specialist
(352) 846-0568
Florida Wildlife Extension
Dr. Ed Johnson
Extension Horse Specialist
(352) 392-1918
Horsemanship School, Horse Public Speaking Contest, Area and State Horse Shows
Dr. Martha Monroe
Environmental Education & Extension
(352) 846 – 0878

Florida 4-H Forest Ecology
Dr. Karla Shelnutt
Foods and Nutrition
(352) 273-3535
Nutrition Through the Lifecycle, Obesity Prevention, Nutrition and Metabolism
Dr. Amy Simonne
Extension Food Safety & Quality Specialist
(352) 273-3536
Food Composition and Safety, Food Handling and Microbial Safety, Risk Assessment
Dr. Saundra TenBroeck
Extension Horse Specialist
(352) 392-2789
Livestock and Horse Youth Programs
Dr. Jeffrey Williamson
Extension Horticulturist Specialist
(352) 392-1928
Horticulture ID & Judging Programs
 Carr_C Dr. Chad Carr
Extension Meat Specialist
(352) 392-2454
Florida Hog & Ham Program, Livestock and meat evaluation
 Diem K Dr. Keith G. Diem
Professor, Family, Youth, & Community Sciences
(352) 273-3515
 Harder A Dr. Amy Harder
Associate Professor, Extension Education