Union County


Inducted 2014



accepting hall of fame medallion



Colan Coody



Mr. Coody has been employed with Union County Extension for twenty years, but has been a 4-H volunteer for much longer than that. Not only is he being recognized for his dedication to 4-H in his local community of Lake Butler, but for his guidance and support to new 4-H Agents. It has been said that Colan Coody doesn’t just talk the talk, but he walks the walk. He is well known for his ability to speak to the youth, and not at them. Colan THE Coody Man, as most kids know him, has a passion for teaching youth all about 4-H and the great outdoors. He has his own way of connecting fun with food, family, and friends. He can often be found sitting on the dock, eating ham sandwiches and sharing jokes with the kids. With that being said, I’d like to share quotes from Union County 4-Hers, that I believe epitomize what it means to be a 4-H Hall of Fame member:

“To me Mr. Coody is cool and knows a lot about a lot of different stuff; stuff that most parents don’t think about. Like how to tie a fishing knot so you don’t lose your fish and how you’re supposed to take your fish to the kitchen, not to your cabin first.”
“Mr. Coody taught me how to use a compass, and how baby chicks are born. He always wants to go canoeing and I think that is cool, too.”

“He encouraged me to step outside the box and try a new 4-H contest; table setting. I thought he had lost his mind! No boy has ever tried the table setting contest at the county fair. He and I sat down and put together a theme and supplies. He came to the contest to support me and I won 1st place. Mr. Coody taught me that trying something new can be fun.”

Mr. Colan Coody is a man who believes in 4-H traditions and passes those beliefs on to the youth of Union County.