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  • Hillsborough County
  • Public Speaking, Energy Conservation
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Lamar Camp

The 4-H leader who mentored at-risk youth and organized residential camps

Lamar Camp has a great interest in youth and relates well to them.  This talent served him well in his work with the 4-H program. 

Ironically, his path to 4-H came through another youth organization and after he had become an adult.“I was working with the Boy Scouts and I came to the county 4-H office to tell them what scouting could offer,” said Camp.  “I was invited to the next county 4-H Advisory Committee.  After that first meeting I realized that 4-H was a program that I wanted to work with.”

“Lamar Camp helped make 4-H possible for thousands of young people in Hillsborough County,” said Shirley Bond, Hillsborough County 4-H.  “Camp is truly an educator sharing his leadership with 4-H.  He is a great role model for youth.”

Camp worked with 4-Hers in traditional 4-H clubs as well as school enrichment programs.  He worked on many 4-H events and activities including county and district event judging, Earth Day exhibits and Tropicana competitions.  One of Camp’s greatest memories of his 4-H experience is the work he did with youth-at-risk residential camps. 

“Conn Camp was a camp funded by a grant from the Conn Foundation and was for inner city youth who lived in the Roland Park Housing Project,” said Camp.  “For many of these youth it was their first time away from home, the first opportunity to eat three meals a day and sleep in their own beds.  I was very proud and grateful for the opportunity to chaperone the camp and mentor the youth who attended.”

“Mr. Camp enjoys working with youth, it makes him feel good,” said Holly Jordan, 4-H Agent, Hillsborough County.  Although he has raised his own children, he still enjoys the challenge of working with today’s youth and learning about the issues that they face and their ambitions for the future.”

In addition to working directly with 4-H club members, Camp also had the opportunity to serve as the County Advisory Committee President and Hillsborough County 4-H Foundation President.

Camp has volunteered in various organizations for more than fifty years and remains an active member of the Methodist Church.

“Lamar Camp helped make 4-H possible for thousands of young people in Hillsborough County.”

Shirley Bond