Duval County

Duval County 4-H Foundation Board,

Inducted 2013



accept his hall of fame medallion



George Corey



Year of Service: 50 years

George Corey’s heart has always been with kids.  He opened the Corey-Kerlin Funeral home in 1963 and he has been supporting 4-H ever since.  He has been a member of the foundation board in Duval County for 8 years, and maintained the “George and Elizabeth Corey endowment since 2008.  His sold his business in 1999 and became an individual supporter at that time.  George was nominated for the Professional football team “Jacksonville Jaguars” Community Quarterback award, an award given by the NFL to recognize outstanding volunteers.  He was named one of seven finalist and $1,000.00 dollars was donated to 4-H in his name.  His work with the foundation has allowed untold kids to attend camps, learn about gardening, and do more than they ever imagined.  He has donated, sold tickets, staffed booths, set up the Much Wagon(our largest fundraiser), and been an advocate.  He is one of Duval County’s greatest supporters.

Youth and children are a passion of George’s.  He serves or has served on numerous charitable boards supporting children, including Boys and Girls club, Opportunity Development Jax, Bethesda Club for the Physically Disables, and Civic Roundtable.
His work with Central Civitan International includes leadership positions and he champions the research center to find the cause of development disabilities in children.  Locally, he also acts as the 4-H liaison between his club and the office.

These past few years has seen George battling various health issues and chronic pain.  However, he has not let that get him down; he simply moves on and makes an impact where he can.  His positive attitude during his struggles can be held up as a model for moving forward in the face of adversity.  He is a leader. 

When asked what his best memory of 4-H was, George went directly to the kids. “I’m most proud of the way the kids have grown and accomplished things.  I feel that the kids are our future leaders, and 4-H develops leaders.”

George is the epitome of a 4-H supporter.