photo of hall of fame member
  • Florida 4-H
  • Volunteer
  • Inducted 2015

Dr. Bobby Damron


Dr. Damron has been active in Alachua County 4-H since the 1950’s. He participated in a 4-H boys club on Archer Road, led by fellow 4-H Hall of Fame Member, A.T. Andrews. His 4-H career continued over the years and the hard work paid off, as he won numerous 4-H awards and opportunities. He was a member of a winning state 4-H Poultry Judging Team and also won a trip to National 4-H Club Congress in Chicago. He was part of a cross-country bus trip to California,with other 4-H boys and led by Mr. Andrews. In 1959 he was honored with an award presented by the Rotary club for Outstanding 4-H Club Boy. Throughout his 4-H career Dr. Damron attended 4-H camps and what was then called Boys 4-H Short Course at UF. He also received 4-H project pins for Dairy, Garden, Tractor, Poultry, Leadership, Agricultural Programs, Swine, Field Crops, Health, and two for Achievement.

Even after Dr. Damron graduated high school, he  continued to contribute toward the goals of Florida 4-H and the Agricultural Extension Programs. Upon entering the University of Florida, he joined collegiate 4-H, led by B.J. Allen, and began his career in poultry research. One of his fondest memories is driving the tractor that pulled the Collegiate 4-H Float during the UF Homecoming Parade. He also recalls attending several collegiate 4-H weekends at Camp Cherry Lake, but one in particular stands out –he met his future wife, Vera, there in May of 1962. That same summer he was hired as the Camp Manager at 4-H Camp Cloverleaf and graduated from UF a year later with his bachelor’s in Agricultural Education. He continued his education at UF and received a doctorate in Animal Science. Throughout his career and upon retirement from his position as full professor in UF’s Animal Sciences Department with Emeritus status, he remained active in 4-H activities. Each year he helped to prepare 4-H and FFA teams and individuals for their state Poultry Judging contests and assisted with poultry show judging at the Alachua County Youth Fair and Livestock Show. Dr. Damron has served in various roles on the Alachua County Youth Fair and Livestock Board and even served as a Reserve Deputy with the Alachua County Sheriff’s Department for 40 years Dr. and Mrs. Damron also made it a priority to ensure that their daughter, Lena Susanne, had the same 4-H experiences and opportunities that they had growing up.

Dr. and Mrs. Damron are wonderful supporters of the Florida 4-H and South Carolina 4-H programs and help to ensure that future generations have opportunity to participate in in 4-H at the local, state, and national levels.