photo of hall of fame member
  • Orange County
  • Public Speaking, Beef
  • Member, Volunteer
  • Inducted 2006

H. Fred Dietrich, III

A 4-H alumnus who gives back to 4-H

“I tribute much of success today to my 4-H experiences,” said H. Fred Dietrich, III.  “I gave my first speech when I was in 4-H. Now I can speak to a room with no problem.”  

While a member of 4-H from 1954-1964, he served as State 4-H Treasurer, District 4-H President, and County 4-H Council President. He also started a purebred herd of Santa Gertudis Cattle project in 1957 that he still owns today!  The herd won him many state, regional and national show awards.  

As an adult, Dietrich donated his auctioneer services in Orange and Osceola Counties.  He has been Auctioneer at over 12 different fairs across the state and judged many 4-H contests and shows. He also put on numerous demonstrations in Livestock selection and showmanship, and was a local 4-H club leader.  

“I was an agent during Fred’s first year in Orange County,” said Dr. Bruce Christmas. “He had such a great work ethic – always keeping me on time. It was obvious he always wanted to succeed.”  

Professionally, Dietrich has worn several hats.  He was an Agribusiness Teacher for 30 years, has been an Auctioneer since 1969 and was also a Cattle Rancher. As a teacher, he has received honors including the National Educators Association Lifetime Achievement Award (2002), National Vocational Agricultural Teachers Association Outstanding Teacher Award (1986), Florida Vocational Association Outstanding Educator Award (1987) and the FFA Honorary American Degree (1977). 

As a cattle rancher he has held many leadership positions including: President of the National Polled Santa Gertrudis Association (2 years), Santa Gertrudis Breeders International Board of Directors, President of the Florida Santa Gertrudis Association (2 years, Secretary 15 years), President of the Orange County Farm Bureau (2 years, Director 34 years), and the President of the Orange County Cattlemen’s Association (2 years, Director 33 years).

“I gave my first speech when I was in 4-H. Now I can speak to a room with no problem.”

H. Fred Dietrich, III