photo of hall of fame member
  • Lake County
  • Cassia 4-H Club
  • Volunteer, Supporter
  • Inducted 2002

Barbara Eveland

A mother devotes her life to putting children first

Barbara Eveland began her involvement with 4-H as a parent and volunteer when a 4-H club leader stepped down. The Cassia 4-H club was in danger of folding. She stepped up and took the reins of leadership for the club. 

“Her 4-H experience began as a mother taking our older children to 4-H and being a volunteer helper, very soon the club lost its leader and was in danger of collapse,” said her husband, Vern Eveland. “Rather than risk losing Cassia, Barbara became the new leader, beginning what became a lifetime of leading and helping 4-Hers in our community and Lake County while also mothering six and caring for home and husband.” 

She served as leader throughout the years her children were involved and continued to support the Cassia 4-H club later by providing scholarships so children could attend 4-H summer camp.

Barbara Eveland’s dedication to children was evident through her involvement with 4-H. Working with other concerned parents, she formed a group that served as an advocate for the best interest of children in Lake County schools. She constantly asked the school board to ask the question “Is this good for the children?” and even had a sign hung in the back of the meeting room so board members would be reminded to put the best interest of children first when making decisions.

In 1993 she joined the Lake County 4-H Advisory Committee and was an active member until her retirement. She decided to support 4-H financially because other commitments kept her from attending meetings.

She also personally answered thank you notes from 4-H members her scholarship fund sent to summer camp. After her death, her husband Vern took on the role of answering the thank you notes.

Her legacy continues through the trust she and her husband set up to reward hard working 4-H members with camp scholarships. Her children have continued to contribute to the trust fund to ensure her legacy continues.

“Is this good for the children?”

Barbara Eveland