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  • Collier County
  • Clothing Construction, Food Preservation, Photography
  • Member, Volunteer, Supporter
  • Inducted 2002

Judy Keller

An alum gives back by raising awareness and funds to help the 4-H program she loved

Judy Keller developed an early love of 4-H after joining while a young person in northwest Ohio.  She was active in sewing, canning and photography. She received many first place ribbons from the county fair.  She also held leadership offices in her 4-H club and at the state level.

After graduating from college, Keller worked for 15 years as communications director of the largest grain cooperative on the St. Lawrence Seaway and later as an on-air radio and TV personality for the Agri-Broadcasting Network.  Keller was able to use these venues to promote 4-H endeavors and raise awareness.

Upon retirement in 1987, Keller worked tirelessly raising funds for the local 4-H Foundation in Collier County for two decades.  She served on the Foundation’s Board of Directors.

When she assumed the role of Collier County 4-H Foundation Board President she presided over a planning session where the mission, fundraising priorities, database management and marketing concepts were planned for the next two years. She also produced television public service announcements for 4-H which reached 250,000 cable subscribers and secured donated advertising space for them.

Keller was well known throughout Collier County and her support of 4-H has been invaluable.

"4-H had a huge impact on my life. It was the highlight of my youth and very important in our community. I married a fellow 4-Her and we've been very happy all these years! 4-H gave me a work ethic, a place to learn and practice skills, and a place to succeed. I credit much of my success to 4-H," Keller said.

Keller served on the annual 4-H Farm/City Barbeque committee for 12 years and her expertise in marketing has helped the event grow into one of the largest attended activities in Collier County.  Keller also helped chair and organize an event that raised more than $10,000 to fund a State of Florida 4-H Scholarship to honor Collier county 4-H extension agent and advocate Linda Denning.

Keller passed away in August of 2008.

“4-H gave me a work ethic, a place to learn and practice skills, and a place to succeed. I credit much of my success to 4-H.”

Judy Keller