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Anne Peterson



Anne Peterson has been a 4-H Volunteer for the last 40 years, serving as a community club leader, project resource volunteer, and currently as a middle management volunteer that helps with county level 4-H activities. Anne has been instrumental in developing and sustaining Escambia County’s Horse program, as well as working with new club leaders on building quality community clubs. Anne has a tremendous talent for motivating youth and fellow volunteers. Her energy is infectious and she uses her wealth of knowledge to provide sound advice, along with a helping hand. Anne is also one of the unique volunteers that has stuck with the program through raising a family, having a career, and now enjoying retirement.
Anne began her career as a 4-H volunteer in Escambia County in the 70’ while raising her two children.
Anne sought a youth organization that could foster leadership and skill development for her young children. She founded North Escambia Seekers 4-H Club located in the northern part of the county. Her interest in horses and desire to help others led her to the Escambia County 4-H Program. She began as a club leader, focusing in the area of Animal Science. While horses are her passion, she never hesitated to jump into what the youth were interested in at the moment. Anne has hosted clinics, judging courses, and agricultural awareness activities for youth livestock and dairy teams and area youth groups. As a county volunteer she has organized and chaired t numerous local 4-H Horse Shows and has assisted with our annual livestock exhibitions. Anne’s leadership transitioned from a club leader to county Animal Science resource leader after her children graduated high school. She took on the role of coach for the Horse
Judging team and assisted the County 4-H Livestock agent in organizing the livestock judging team.
Anne has transitioned from direct involvement with community clubs and youth to our “go to” volunteer for helping with county wide programmatic efforts. Anne serves an important role in helping develop new leaders and clubs. New leaders look to her for advice on how to handle tough situations and how best to engage youth in a meaningful educational program. She’s not afraid to be honest and has helped to shape our current Horse program into an excellent educational opportunity for young equestrians. As a multiple past member and current President of our Advisory Council, Anne is able to help gather input from leaders, community supporters, and youth that are excellent guidance for our agents as they begin to craft our program in our current changing times. She also assists the program internally with the Escambia County 4-H Foundation financial reconciliation. Anne has assisted with other program areas outside of 4-H. She is a well-rounded volunteer that looks for opportunities to enhance her own education. Some of the assignments that Anne has completed include consumer judging coach, county fair judge, hosting sewing classes, and organizing the yearly judging of Escambia County 4-H record books. Her leadership over the past several years has been unprecedented as she portrays and encourages a calm direct approach when working with adults and youth. Anne volunteers in the Extension office weekly helping organize upcoming programs. She recently has taken on a role in our sea turtle marine education program, encouraging other leaders to help their youth make a difference in our community.
Anne has also stepped forward to help as a core team member for the annual Area A 4-H Horse Show.
Anne serves on the Advisory and Planning Committee, chairing the English shows and serving as the point person for securing quality judges. She has provided valuable leadership on this district activity and even assisted in the state horse program as our area representative and awards chair at one point. Anne received an award from the state committee for her work on this event. She has served as a judge numerous times for district and state level events. Her work has gained notoriety among agents within our area, an example being the routine calls she receives from agents and leaders to help provide guidance to start up equine science programs. Her enthusiasm has a way of calming fears when new leaders worry they might have bitten off a little too much.
Anne serves on the state 4-H Volunteer Advisory Board as the representative for Escambia County. She routinely attends state volunteer events, carefully selecting material she can take back to help train and mentor young leaders. She has served the past eight years as one of the coordinators for our local Horse Camp at 4-H Camp Timpoochee, designing a week long education riding experience for youth of all ages and ability levels. Her knack for engaging youth is second to none and she can always pull just the activity out of her trusted books. Anne has adapted to changing times by embracing change and molding her programs to reach youth and leaders with current and challenging projects that reflect national and state trends.