MAD Monday

What is Make a Difference (MAD) Mondays? Make a Difference Monday is an online volunteer training series designed to strengthen 4-H clubs and engage volunteers in a statewide learning environment. Three, 1-hour sessions will be held on the 3rd Monday of the Month, at 6 PM Central/7 PM Eastern.  This year’s theme is centered on the Essential Element of Independence.  Independence is one of four concepts that describe elements that must be present in a youth program in order for positive youth development to occur. Independence is all about helping youth set goals, and seeing themselves as an active participant in their future.  building knowledge and skills and being able to demonstrate those skills and knowledge effectively. Independence is developed over time through intentional 4-H project work, events and activities.  To learn more, read our FAQs

September 19 Fostering Independence with Learning by Doing Sarah Hensley and Karen Blyler
October 17 Nurturing Independence through the Club Program Karen Miliffe and Heather Kent
November 21 Encouraging Independence through Project Work Kate Fogarty and Sonja Crews

Ways to Participate in Make A Difference Monday Sessions

  • At a county Extension Office (check with your local office to find the nearest face to face session available)
  • At home on your personal computer, tablet, or smartphone through Adobe Connect
  • Recorded programs available within a week of each session

Connection Information

Adobe Connect allows you to access Make A Difference Monday sessions from your laptop, home computer, tablet or smart phone wherever you are! You’ll hear each presentation through your computer, tablet, or smartphone. While our presenters will be the only ones able to speak during the presentation, that doesn’t mean you’ll be left out of the discussion. The Adobe Connect audience can ask questions through the AC chat box.  Adobe Connect works best with the latest version of Internet Explorer or Mozilla Fire Fox. Click on this link to test your connection and get the right add-in for the best performance and connection:

If joining by smartphone or tablet, simply download the free app: Android App: or iOS App:

Join us for Make a Difference Monday: Click on this link: OR cut and paste this link into your browser address bar

Trouble Shooting / Technical issues: Run the audio set-up wizard at least one hour before the program begins.  Here are two links to help you with this step:  AND

Archived Sessions- each month, the sessions are recorded and posted for later viewing.

2016-2017 Series

2015-2016 Series- Building Mastery

2014-2015 Series- Sense of Belonging

  • Club Management for the Busy Volunteer- 9/15/14 (use the passcode “madmonday”)
  • Creating Safe and Secure Environments for Youth- 10/20/14 (use the passcode “madmonday”)
  • Empowering Club Officers to Excellence- 11/17/14 (use the passcode “madmonday”)
  • Using Positive Discipline- 01/26/15 (use the passcode “madmonday”)
  • Creating Welcoming Environments in 4-H Clubs- 02/16/15 (use the passcode “madmonday”)
  • Languages of Appreciation & Recognition in 4-H Clubs- 3/16/15 (use the passcode “madmonday”)

Marketing Materials- a customizable flyer and postcard are available to promote the series.  You can also post the header to your webpage or social media.

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