Annual Florida 4-H Community Club Membership Fee

In the 2016-2017 4-H Year, the Florida 4-H Youth Development Program will implement an annual $20.00 membership fee for Community Club Members 4-H ages 8-18.* Cloverbuds (youth 4-H ages 5-7) and adults are NOT charged a state fee. Please do not make any payments for cloverbuds or adults at the community club membership fee payment site. If your county or club charges a fee for cloverbuds, you will pay the fee to your county and not at the payment site.

Directions to Pay Annual Membership Fee:

Step by Step Instructions with Images (PDF)

  1. Click on the “Pay Annual Membership Fee” link below. This will direct you to the CASHNet®  e-commerce payment website. CASHNet® is owned by Higher One, Inc.
  2. When you see the payment website, click on Membership Fees.
  3. Select your county.**
  4. Input parent information (name, address, and phone number).
  5. Provide the first and last name of each community club youth you will be paying for with this transaction.
  6. Choose the number of memberships and payment amount.**
  7. Review your selections.
  8. Provide credit or debit card payment and billing information. Your charge will show on your credit card statement as UNIV FL ONLINE PMNT ***
  9. Provide acknowledgement and acceptance of the terms and conditions of the Higher One, Inc. User Agreement.
  10. Review your Items Selected and Payment Information.
  11. Click Submit Payment.
  12. You will have the option to view a printable receipt and a receipt will be e-mailed to the e-mail address provided in the payment section.
  13. Close your browser or click End Session at the top of the page.

Membership fees are not collected for youth enrolling as “Short-term Members”. Please do not submit online payments for programs such as 4-H camps at the membership payment site. Check with your county office for payment instructions for these programs.

Pay Annual Membership Fee


 How your fee will be used…

  • $10.00 will go directly to the local county 4-H Youth Development Program.
  • $10.00 will go to the state 4-H Youth Development Program to help improve, update, and modernize state-level events, activities, and competitions for 4-H youth. This money will also help cover the costs of things previously covered by counties such as insurance and transporting youth to regional and state events.

* Some counties may charge a different fee amount.
**If the membership fee total is more than your family can afford at this time, please select the “Family Determined Amount” option on the Browse Catalog page. On the Family Determined page, select your 4-H County from the dropdown, provide parent and member information and specify the amount your family can manage to pay at this time. Click Add to Basket and proceed to Checkout to make your payment.
***Families who are unable to pay by credit card or debit card may click here to learn how to pay by check or money order.

Refund Policy:
To request a refund, please e-mail a copy of your receipt to and state the reason for the refund request in the e-mail.