Historical Photos: 1920’s

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Short Course on campus in Gainesville at the University of Florida. Poultry Project.

1920s boys short course

Boys State 4-H Short Course. Gainesville, Florida. University of Florida campus

1920s boys short course

Boys inspect machinery while attending Short Course on the UF campus in Gainesville

1920s boys machinery

Boys Short Course on the UF campus in Gainesville. Boys who grew a bushel each of corn.

1920s boys inspect corn

4-H Boys at Camp in Columbia County Clean The Camp. The camp was held at Itchnetucknee Springs.

1920s boys at camp

4-H Boys at Camp in Columbia County Doing Exercise. The camp was held at Itchnetucknee Springs.

1920s exercise at camp

Leo Leslie, Champion Pig

1920 champion pig

4-H club boys. Note the beanie hats they are wearing.

Boys in Beanies 1920s

4-H club boys wearing beanie hats near a barn

Boys near barn 1920

Lucile Estis, Alachua County, State Fair

Lucille Estis 1920 Alachua County Fair



An open-air model-T schoolbus took these Alachua County 4-H boys to a camping trip at Earlton Beach in July 1922.

Open Air Model T Bus 1922


Organized club work. Oak Grove Club boys arriving at a club meeting. Escambia County. April, 1923

1923 boys on horse


Club member with her pigs (Annie B. Leslie, 13 years old, started with one gilt, Sold $70.00 worth. Has 22 pigs now. Gilt won $85.0 in prizes.) 3/2/25 Madison County, Madison, Florida

1925 girl with pig.


Prize winning Poultry Club member, Tom Prater, 14 years old. Raised a pen of eight pullets and one cockerel. Won 1st prize for best pen of Rhode Island reds at county fair also for best display. Total prize-Cash $10.00, 1 pr. shoes, $2.50 trade at drug store, and two banks gave $5.00 each, 3/7/25. Pasco County, Dade City, Florida.

Prize Chick 1925


Russell Henderson, a 1926 Madison County 4-H member, posed with his grand champion sow with nine new born pigs. Russell set a Madison County Swine Raising record by producing 31 pigs in three successive litters with this mother hog.

Russell Henderson 1926 and Sow

Pasco County 4-H boys and girls in their grand march April 10, 1926.

Pasco County 4-H

Pasco County 4-H club officers in Dade City on April 10th. This photo is not dated but we believe it was taken the same day as the grand march photo which was dated and is listed above.

Pasco County 4-H 1926

Another photo from the same event which recorded club membership in Pasco County at 993 boys and girls.

Pasco County 4-H 1926

Another picture of the officers on April 10th, which also recorded that W.T. Nettles was the County Agent and Mrs. H. B. Tichnor was the Home Demonstration Agent.

1926 County Agents 4-H

Another photo “225 of the 350 boys and girls present at the Boys’ and Girls’ Grand Rally, Dade City, Pasco Co., April 10th, 1926.

1926 Grand Rally

Another photo “225 Club boys and girls in line on their grand march, Dade City, Dla. April 10th, 1926.

1926 Grand March

Madison 4-H and FFA youths pulling sweet potato draws from an ‘ole fashion manure-heated plant bed in the Spring of 1926. The cover on the bed in the background was muslin dipped in linseed oil. Youth in the center, facing the camera, is said to be Dick Baker. Standing is B. E. Lawton (left) county agent and Mitchell Wilkson, Vo-Ag teacher who later was county agent in Walton County for several years.

Pulling Sweet Potatoes 1926

Jackson County 4-H Club leaders in 1928.

Jackson County Leaders 1926


Girls at the Short Course in Tallahassee at Florida State College for Women. Banners are being held to represent the following counties: Alachua, Citrus, Duval, Escambia, Gadsden, Hillsborough, Jackson, Lake, Lee, Manatee, Marion, Nassau, Okaloosa, Osceola, Pasco, Pinellas, Polk, Santa Rosa, Taylor, Walton.

Girls Short Course 1928


Two members of the 4-H girls club examining a plant.

4-H Girls 1929

Other 1920s Photos

County extension agents attend a meeting

County Extension Agents 1920s

County extension agents attend a meeting

county Extension Agents 1920s

4-H boys judge cattle

1920s cattle judging


4-H boys look at a chicken with an extension agent or professor

Boys look at chicken 1920s

4-H boys standing on steps

Boys on steps 1920s

4-H boys learn about plowing

1920s boys plow

Boys attending Short Course on the UF campus pose for a picture. Gainesville, Florida

Boys Short course

Boys attending Short Course on the UF campus in Gainesville inspect soil. Buckman Hall is visible in the background.

Boys Short Course Buckman Hall 1920s

Boys attending Short Course on the UF campus in Gainesville take a picture at the entrance to Peabody Hall.

Boys short course Peabody Hall 4-H

Boys attending Short course on the UF campus in Gainesville inspect a tree. Campus building visible in the background.

1920s boys inspect tree

St. Johns County 4-H members and parents at the Castillo de San Marcos in St. Augustine

1920s Castillo San Marcos

4-H boys in beanie hats inspect a tractor

Boys beanies tractor 1920s

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