Historical Photos: Miscellaneous (Prior to 1950)

Room in Home Demonstration Work Shop, Jacksonville, Florida

Miss Margaret Fox Johnson, weaving a rug from discarded garments. Hundreds of women are converting similar material into attractive hooked, braided and woven rugs.”

Kitchen Margaret Fox

4-H Club girls with their leader

Mrs. Anita Lopes reviving the all but lost art of old Spanish needle work which flourished in St. Augustine during the days of Spanish control. This needle work is very beautiful and intricately designed and defies the use of machinery in the designing of its pattern.

4-H Girls 1900s

Key Boy

Francis Horn (right) going over poultry projects with 4-H Boy. James McClung, Jefferson County. Date unknown

Chicken project boys

A bounteous garden always marks the Smith Farm

Faye tended it as a 4-H project. Date and location unknown

Smith Farm

Tom Prater

14-year-old prize-winning poultry club member of Pasco County, Fla., believes in keeping his poultry house clean. Tom wins money and merchandise on his Rhode Island Reds at the fairs and makes money off of them when he gets them back home.

Boy cleaning chicken coop

Gadsden County.

4-H girls barwomen band plays for club meetings, entertainments and other functions throughout the county.

4-H Girls Band

Watts Chalken and the ox he drove to club camp.

Boy driving Ox

4-H Boys’ Club contest

Madison County, Fla. Date unknown

4-H Boys club

African-American 4-H club boy and corn demonstration

near Shady Grove, Florida.

African American Club pre-1940

Mizelle Lawrence, African-American 4-H boy, and his corn, Jackson County.

African American 4-H

A good 4-H Pig Club pig,

“Duroc Jersey”, 30 months old, the Pig Club furrowed and raised 30 pigs in 18 months. Madison, Florida. Unknown date.

4-H Pig

Games played in club girls’ recreation program

Walton County. Date unknown.

4-H Girls

Club members.

Walton County, Fla. Date unknown.

4-H club

Group of Club girls, with a 4-H girl local leader.

Beaulah Felts is the leader. Jefferson County.

4-H Club

Summerfield Pig Club boys

with local leader Travis Loften, former Club boy.

Pig Club

African-American agent M. E. Groover

instructing club boys in machinery, Jefferson County.

African American 4-H Pre 1940

Bill Clegg

Club boy near Newberry, Florida, sowing crotalaria on acre his father rented to Government on Corn and Hog Contract. Bill is using this acre to build up the soil for better crops in his 4-H club work next year. (Additional information-This photograph was taken in Alachua County, Florida.)

Bill Clegg

Boys Club with beanies.


4-H Club Members

Left to right standing: 4-H club members Ralph Arant-Milton; Paul Simmons-Plant City; CLifford Boyles-Callaham; Richard Bradford-Tallahassee; Raymond Crabtree-Jacksonville. Seated: Rokno Kimaya-Coca Ranon; Frederick Barber-Pensacola; Hugh Dukes-Duket; Allen Phips-Montichello; William Platt-Marion. (Additional information-This looks like it was taken on campus at UF in Gainesville.)


A 4-H Club running levels for terracing. Unknown date.

4-H Club

A boys’ 4-H Club plowing-out terraces on their cooperative project.

4-H boys

Madison County club boy, Jack Morris, and his pig.

Jack was just beginning his pig club project.

pig boy

Three 4-H club girls with a chicken

Girls with chicken

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