Plant Breeding

What is Plant Breeding?

Plant Breeding is the science of changing plant genetics to help humankind. Plant breeders are among the unsung heroes of agriculture. They work “behind the scenes” creating varieties that increase the economic value and decrease the environmental impact of plants by improving yields, drough tolerance and disease resistance, which allows farmers to use fewer pesticides. Plant breeders also work with ornamental plants.These plants are grown not for their food value but for their flower display, attractive foliage (leaves), shade value or even their scents.

Food for the Future:

Food for the Future is a collaborative effort between the Florida 4-H Program and the University of Florida Agronomy Department. This curriculum is the outreach education portion of a USDA grant titled “Enhancing Leaf Spot Resistance in Peanut” and was developed to help address the well documented need for science literacy education for United States youth as well as the need for future plant breeders and scientists to address the needs of a growing world population with fewer resources and decreasing farmland.