Below are some great sources of information to help create a successful Plant Breeding project

How to Create a Successful Plant Breeding project

Facilitator Tips

Next Generation Sunshine State Standards at a Glance

Food the Future: Learning at a Glance (curriculum outline)


What is Plant Breeding Intermediate | Senior

Unlocking the Secrets for Crop Wild Relatives

American Chestnut Foundation

History of Plant Breeding Intermediate | Senior

The Legacy of GW Carver

National Park Service American Visionaries: GW Carver

Biological, Cultural and Technological Evolution in History

Virtual Fun: A Plant’s Eye History of the World. An Interactive Site Revealing the Historical Association of Man and Plants

Genetics of Plant Breeding Intermediate | Senior

Animated tour of the basics about genetics and DNA

Science Daily: Articles and News about plant and animal genetics

Virtual Fun: Tour of the basics about genetics and DNA

Plant Breeding Ethics Intermediate | Senior

Food: How Altered?

Virtual Fun: Create your own genetically modified crop in this online game!

Food for the Future Intermediate | Senior

National Association of Plant Breeders

Virtual Fun: Play Interactive Games to learn more about the nutritive value of wheat on the Wheat Council’s website