National Youth Science Day!   4-H Science News!
This exciting, interactive learning experience engages thousands of youth across the country in conducting a National Science Experiment.  This year it is “Motion Commotion,” which explores the Laws of Motion, and the effects of reaction time on distracted driving.  Join Florida 4-H in conducting this experiment in your classroom or club! Check out the link for more information 


LEGOLAND is sponsoring the 4th Annual 4-H Day at LEGOLAND on Saturday, September 10, 2016! 
Florida 4-H families will be able to purchase tickets to LEGOLAND theme park for $35.00 each (regular price is $75.00).  In addition, $5.00 from every ticket sold will go to the Florida 4-H Foundation to support 4-H Clubs and Educational Events
  • This year date is to be determined
What is 4-H STEM?   4-H Science in Schools &  Afterschool
Science is all around us and in our everyday lives! Science is about asking questions and seeking answers, and yes, science is fun! The 4-H Science program provides youth with a great variety of fun, hands-on learning experiences in projects related to science, engineering, and technology (SET). These project areas encourage young minds to investigate, explore, and make their own discoveries. Projects cover environmental sciences and natural resources, animal sciences and wildlife, plant sciences and forestry, vet science, computers and robotics, and more. These projects help youth build important life, science, and workforce skills and fosters their interest in helping to fill our nation’s shortage of young leaders proficient in science, engineering, and technology.Youth involved in Florida 4-H science programs:

  •  Apply science, engineering, and technology skills to their projects,
  •  Develop science literacy workforce skills, and
  •  Pursue education and careers related to science

Resulting in a workforce that will create a viable economy and communities for Florida.

  Many 4-H County Programs provide educational services to schools and afterschool programs.  These are a few of our most popular Science programs:

Science Clubs
4-H Science in Camps
Want to join a club or volunteer to lead a club? Contact your County Extension Office. Lots of Events and Activities are available to 4-H members and non-members.  Check them out!
  • Marine Science Camp
  • All 4-H Camps include Environmental Science and other Science and Technology offerings.  Sign up today!

Start your Science Project Adventure!
UF/IFAS Science Connection
Citizen Science Projects
Check out our different pages to learn more about Animals Sciences, Environmental Science, Plant Sciences, and Science & Technology!