Environmental Science

This large project area provides youth with many exciting opportunities to explore and investigate the natural world. Projects help youth learn about aquatic and marine life, weather and climate, water quality and conservation, insects and spiders, wildlife and forest ecology, shooting sports and sportfishing and more!

Projects are available for individual cloverbud learning, general individual learning, and general group learning.   Each activity guide includes a separate achievement program and activities, that promote learning and interaction with other youth, adult helpers, family members and your community. The group helper guides contain ready‐to‐use group activities that can be used by older youth, teachers and project leaders. You can preview some National 4-H project materials on the web at: http://www.4-hcurriculum.org.

The projects listed below comprise an overview of 4-H environmental science projects.  Specific project choices are vast and may vary from county to county depending on interest.  For questions about the Environmental Sciences project choices in your area, contact your county 4-H Agent.

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