Animal Science Events

Florida 4-H Tailgate Contest

Florida 4-H is excited to announce the 2nd Annual Florida 4-H Tailgate Contest sponsored by Winn Dixie Supermarkets, National Beef, Sanderson Farms and Sonny’s BBQ.  The purpose of this contest is to promote the use of animal protein in the diet by teaching the art and science of safely preparing beef, pork, poultry, and seafood in an outdoor setting. Investment in this activity will provide 4-H youth with life skills, including decision making, healthy lifestyle choices, and communication.

Dairy Goat Judging Contests

Held at the Florida State Fair and the Central Florida Fair, this event provides 4-H’ers with an opportunity to demonstrate their knowledge and ability in the selection and evaluation of dairy goats.

Dairy Farmers Filmmaking Contest

The Fuel Up to Play 60 filmmaking contest is supported by the Dairy Farmers, Inc and Florida 4-H.  Cinematography is one of today’s fastest growing industries in the world; however, it is also one of the hardest industries to be successful in.  If you think you have a love for video production, join the Florida 4-H/Dairy Farmers Filmmaking Contest. The contest is open to youth, ages 8 – 18, enrolled in a 4-H club in Florida.

Filmmaking Contest Guidelines

Flimmaking Contest Scoring Sheet

Dairy Judging Event

The Dairy Judging Events are held at the Florida State Fair and the State 4-H Dairy Show in Kissimmee, FL. This event provides 4-H’ers with an opportunity to demonstrate their knowledge and ability in the selection and evaluation of all breeds and ages of dairy cattle.

Dairy Quiz Bowl

The Dairy Quiz Bowl is held the 1st Saturday in August in Tampa, FL. Counties enter teams at the state level to enhance their knowledge of the dairy industry, agriculture, and biological sciences. Competition points are awarded for correctly answering questions about the dairy industry and closely-related fields.

 Florida 4-H Dog Conference (Camp)

Florida 4-H is providing a special four day 4-H Dog Camp at Camp Cloverleaf in Sebring, FL. The event will take place from August 4-7th. Visit the Florida 4-H Dog Conference page and the  4-H Dog Project site for more information.

Hippology Contest

The Hippology Contest is held in March at the Orange County Agricultural Center. This event provides 4-H’ers with an opportunity to blend their knowledge and experience in horse-judging , horse bowl, demonstrations, public speaking, and showing into one activity.

Hog-n-Ham Program

Held in Gainesville, FL, youth participating in this program will gain knowledge about pork production, processing, and utilization through hands-on experiences, which include selection, feeding and management, record keeping, slaughtering, processing, and curing.

4-H’ers get to share their knowledge and develop oral communication skills through conducting a presentation or illustrated talk. Youth purchase hogs and feed them for three months and then harvest them in Gainesville. After harvesting and processing the meat, participants explore a retail project, complete a record book, and give a project demonstration.

Horse Judging Event

Held at the University of Florida Horse Teaching Unit during April, this event provides 4-H’ers with the opportunity to demonstrate their knowledge and ability in the selection and evaluation of different breeds and types of horses.

Horsemanship Schools

Horsemanship Schools are held on various dates in June at Camp Timpoochee and Welaka. They provide 4-H members an opportunity to learn the basic fundamentals of horsemanship. The week at camp allows in-depth study, which is otherwise not available or practical on a short-term basis. Participants are introduced to the following topics: Riding Skills, Horse Health, Nutrition, Equipment/Tack Care and Selection, Showmanship, Safety, Fitting and Grooming.

One adult chaperone is required for every ten youth in attendance. Counties sending youth are responsible for sending chaperones and getting one nurse to volunteer for the week of camp in which they are participating. Either an agent in charge will be required or a certified volunteer may apply to be responsible for camp week.

Horse Public Speaking Contest

Held in June or July in Gainesville, FL, this is an individual competition within the 4-H Horse Program designed to give 4-H’ers experience in the preparation and delivery of a speech related to the horse industry.

Horse Bowl

Held in June or July in Gainesville, FL, the Horse Bowl is a team competition in which individual members are able to demonstrate their knowledge by answering a series of questions about the horse industry, agriculture, and biological sciences.

Livestock Judging Event

This team event, held at the University of Florida Horse Teaching Unit, enables youth to develop decision-making, evaluating, and communication skills for the appropriate selection of the livestock species: beef cattle, and swine.

Meats Judging and Identification

At this event in Gainesville, FL, in April, 4-H’ers will acquire knowledge and skills in meat identification and grading techniques and then apply those basic skills to the selection process.  Participants develop an understanding and appreciation of the basic scientific principles involved in maintaining the wholesomeness, eating and cooking quality, nutritional value, and consumer appeal of meat. 4-H’ers will also learn to be more effective decision-makers.

Poultry Judging Event

Held at the University of Florida in June, this event provides 4-H’ers with an opportunity to evaluate egg quality, ready-to-cook carcasses, parts identification, and past production. Junior and Senior individuals may also compete against other team members.

Miscellaneous Poultry Events

The following events have less than five counties involved, in which no state contest exists. Please see the Events & Activities Handbook for further instructions regarding these events: Chicken Barbecue Demonstration Contest, Turkey Barbecue Demonstration Contest, Avian Bowl Contest Quiz Bowl Event, and Egg Preparation Demonstration Contest.