Executive Board

The Florida State 4-H Council Executive Board consists of 4 delegates from each of the 13 4-H districts, up to 30 Executive Board Appointees, and the 8 Florida 4-H State Officers.

The Executive Board is a group of youth from across the state that represent their county and district. The members attend working committee meetings at Executive Board Weekend Events, during which they offer input into events such as 4-H UniversityLegislature,  4-H Day at the Capitol, and Intermediate State.

Committee members also play a vital role in the implementation of those events. Other committees work on planning and implementing a state-wide community service project, fund raising, parli pro education, entertainment, and communication support.

When is Executive Board?

The Executive Board meets three times a year at Executive Board Weekend Events to plan events, run state community service project, and to communicate and improve the quality of the 4-H program for the Youth in Florida. The weekend meetings are in October, January, and March/April of  each 4-H year.

How do I join?

Each district elects or appoints their own district representatives, so contact your local 4-H agent for more information. If you are interested in the Executive Board Appointments, read the Executive Board Appointment Application for more information.

What events are coming up?

Executive Board Meetings

1st Executive Board

Who: Executive Board Members Only (closed event)

When: October 16-18, 2015

Where: 4-H Camp Cherry Lake

Cost: $110

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Registration will begin at 6:00pm. No Early Arrivals, we are unable to accommodate anyone prior to 6:00pm.

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Medication Form (click her to pull up)

If you bring any prescription of over the counter medication with you, you need to fill out a medication form.  The form and medication need to be in a clear baggy to hand over to the “camp nurse” at the registration table.


2nd Executive Board

Who: Executive Board Members Only (closed event)

When: January 29-31, 2016

Where: 4-H Camp Cherry Lake

Cost: $110


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3rd Executive Board

Registration is open NOW till April 12th!

Who: 4-H Members age 13-18 (4-H age)

When: March, 2016 TBD

Where: TBD

Cost: Exec Board Members & Adults $110; Non-Exec Board Members $120


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