Clothing and Textiles

Demonstrations/Illustrated Talks

Includes all presentations related to clothing design, selection, buying, care, construction, textiles, accessories, personal appearance, and grooming.

Clothing Projects and Fashion Revue

NOTICE: Due to low participation at the state contest in recent years we will not hold a fashion revue contest at 4-H University.  Counties and districts with interest are encouraged to continue offering this project sharing opportunity to their youth.

Clothing Contest and Fashion Revue

Guidelines and Criteria

Youth may enter one outfit or ensemble in the following categories:

Within each of the below categories it is advised to utilize the 4-H age divisions to further categorize youth participants. Youth participants should have created, sewn, or purchased their garment since the last Fashion Revue contest and cannot have previously entered the garment.

Personally Sewn (formerly Traditional): Garment is sewn based on the participant skill level and will be judged accordingly.

Purchased:  This category demonstrates the ability to purchase and coordinate and outfit exhibiting positive consumer skills.

Repurposed (formerly Recycled)The member designs and sews a wearable garment from previously used garments. The garment is different from its original use.

Wearable Art: Decorate a garment using arts and crafts techniques. Duct tape garments are allowed. May take an existing garment and outline a design in sequins, beads, etc.

Needle Arts:  The member demonstrates their ability to knit, crochet or weave a garment and coordinate an outfit around the garment.

*NEW* 1st Year Sewer:  The member must be a 1st year clothing/textile participant without prior sewing experience. Participant will choose one of the aforementioned categories and follow all rules and regulations within, but will only be judged in the 1st Year Sewer category.

No rental garments or issued uniforms will be allowed in any category

More complete information on each of the categories and further instructions can be found in the  “Florida 4-H Fashion Revue Planning Guide and Clothing Project Report”  Please follow all instructions carefully when completing this project report.

Florida 4-H Fashion Revue Planning Guide and Clothing Project Reports

Clothing Project Resources