Dog Quiz Bowl

The 4-H Dog Quiz Bowl is a competition which tests your knowledge of dogs. The competition is conducted in a format similar to Collegiate Bowl or Family Feud, questions will be given to a team or to an individual who must buzz in and give the correct answer. We will count the right answers-no deductions are taken for wrong answers.


Two teams of four members will compete against each other. You can come as a team or form one there. Be sure to name your team. There are no age divisions at this time. Each game will last for 10 minutes, regardless of the number of questions asked.

The first round will be toss up questions. A question will be read and the first person on the team who buzzed in will be allowed 4 seconds to answer. If an incorrect answer is given, the other team will be given a chance to answer it correctl

  • Basic questions are worth 1 point
  • Photos of dogs will be shown and worth 3 points:
  • Name the breed, AKC group, and Country of Origin

Certain questions will have bonus points possible for an additional point.

example: Name one breed with different height divisions Bonus: name 2 more.

The second round is individual questions were only two participates are allowed to compete at a time. Again, the question is asked and the one who buzzes in first is given 4 seconds to answer correctly.

Score and Prizes

The total scores will be kept for the day and the team with the highest correct answers will win first place. Prizes will be given for First, Second, Third and Fourth place as well as participation. Every one will get at least one or more prizes.

Who can play?

4-H Dog members ages 8-18 are encouraged to participate. Other 4-H members are welcome. Sometimes, we will ask adults to give it a try.

Where? At various 4-H Dog Shows during the year including State Fair. Call Katherine Croft or June Lyness and we can bring this Dog Bowl to your show. Katherine Croft or phone 868-665-4200 June Lyness or phone 863-324-1495

 Where to find Study Material:

    1. The AKC Dog Book for Kids (any edition) questions not used- breeds added after 2000;
    2. 4-H Obedience Rule Book (AKC rules for Novice, Open and Rally which can also found at ( )
    3. Last year’s State Fair Dog Skill-a-thon; and
    4. Current year’s State Fair Dog Skill-a-thon.

How can you help? As you study, write some questions and send them to us. Be sure to include what material it came from noting the page number as well. Volunteers are needed at each competition to read questions, time, keep score and act as judges (answers will be provided).

Sample Questions: ACK -226

Name two skin diseases of dogs that can be transmitted to humans.

Ringworm and mange.

Florida 4-H Dog Quiz Bowl Contacts:

Katherine Croft at phone 868-665-4200

June Lyness at phone 863-324-1495

The Florida State Fair believes in the value and importance of exhibitor participation in all educational opportunities offered through their animal project. The Achievement Premium program is a supplement to the current animal show ring premiums, and rewards exhibitors based on their participation in a wide variety of educational events. Points will be accumulated by each exhibitor throughout the program for each event they participate in, and will, thus, reward them proportionately for their involvement. A Champion Youth Exhibitor will be selected in each age division for the Florida State Fair Youth/4-H Dog Show. These exhibitors will be selected based on the highest number of points accumulated.

This manual contains most of the information you will need to know to compete in the Skilathon. It encourages and supports further advanced study for those youth challenged by this program.



Exhibitors will be required to demonstrate a variety of skills based on their age category. Please note what skills you will be demonstrating.


Juniors (age 8 – 10 as of Sept 1st)

  •  Identify Parts 1 – 4 of the Female and Male Reproduction Anatomy
  •  Identify items and their usage during the birthing process
  • All Aspects of Processing Newborns

Intermediates (age 11 – 13 as of Sept. 1st)

  •  Identify All listed parts of the Female and Male Reproduction Anatomy and their functions
  • Identify items and their usage during the birthing process
  • All Aspects of Processing Newborns
  • Common Reproductive Terminolgy

Seniors (age 14 and over as of Sept. 1st)

  • All Of The Above Plus
  • All Aspects of Stages of Parturition
  • Understanding of Heat Cycle and Mating

Only Senior exhibitors will be eligible to qualify for the top 4 Champion Youth Awards. Intermediate and Junior exhibitors will only complete the segments of the Skilathon and Record Book Test that are designated for their age level.