What is 4-H Sportfishing?

sport fishingThe world of youth sportfishing is more than just about catching fish. Youth learn angling skills, fishing knots, how to make their own tackle, how to use different types of fishing rods and rigs, important concepts in aquatic/marine ecology, catch and release methods, how to clean and cook their fish, as well as what it means to be a good and responsible angler.

Adult volunteers who enjoy sportfishing can help local youth gain important life skills and support their positive growth and development through a variety of exciting sportfishing activities and projects offered by 4-H or by other organizations.

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Who is Involved?
The Florida 4-H Sportfishing Program works in collaboration

National organizations that offer information and resources related to youth sportfishing are

Sport Fishing Outcomes

Through participation in sportfishing projects/activities, youth will:

  • Develop the life skills of decision making, communicating, leadership, planning, and organizing.
  • Build confidence and a positive self-image.
  • Learn new skills in using a variety of fishing equipment.
  • Make, maintain, and repair fishing tackle.
  • Understand the ecological and social basics of fisheries management.
  • Learn to fish responsibly.
  • Enjoy the outdoors


Youth: Check out 4-H sportfishing camps for opportunities to learn more about fishing. Contact your County Extension Office for other opportunities to learn about fishing.

Adults: Check here for any upcoming adult learning opportunities to find out about upcoming sportfishing events or training workshops.

What you can do as a Volunteer:

  • Attend a 4-H sportfishing workshop to help you become more familiar with youth-related sportfishing materials and the resources available to you.
  • Develop a variety of projects and/ or activities that allow youth to “experience” the fun and rewards of sportfishing by incorporating the experiential learning cycle in all activities.
  • Support youth in their efforts to set goals and complete projects in sportfishing.
  • Maintain records of activities and youth accomplishments.
  • Evaluate the impact.
  • Provide awards and recognition to youth involved in fishing related projects. For more information, go to 4-H Awards & Recognition page to learn more.

County Sportfishing Programs

To find out if your county has any 4-H clubs involved in fishing activities and/or projects visit your county’s Extension Web site, and contact the local 4-H agent.

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