Forest Ecology

Each year, 4-H youth from across the state to test their knowledge of Florida’s forests.  Six contest stations enable youth to test their identification skills, compass skills, and knowledge of forest ecosystems. In 2020 our contest will be different. Juniors and Intermediates will compete in the following 4 stations:  Tree identification, Forest Health, Forest Ecosystems, and Map Symbols. Seniors will compete in these 4 stations: Tree identification, Forest health, Map symbols, and Forest Management. We will not be covering Plant identification, Tree height, Wildlife, or Compass skills, and we will not have a Quiz Bowl. Youth will compete in the county extension office at a date to be determined. More details will be available from your 4-H agent. Please register for the contest through 4-H Online.

For more information, please consult the 4-H Forest Ecology Website or by contacting Dr. Martha Monroe at

4-H Forest Ecology Contest

Contest has been postponed and will be re-developed into an online contest this year.  Please make sure you are registered in 4-H online (deadline has been extended to 4/24/2020). After 4/24/2020 we will e-mail updated information to registered members regarding the online contest details.

4-H Nature Poetry Contest