Horticulture ID and Judging

This event supports the county 4-H plant science/horticulture program by providing an opportunity for 4 H members to acquire knowledge and skills in identification and selection of horticultural products (i.e. vegetables, fruits, flowers, ornamentals) and then apply these basic skills to consumer decision-making.

Florida 4-H Plant ID Modules

This Plant Identification Learning Module is an online tool for learning about plants. It is useful to plant enthusiasts as well as Florida 4-H Youth and Master Gardeners preparing for state contests. Images and information on 200 vegetables, fruits, and landscape plants are included. Use the handy self-test option to judge your progress.

Florida 4-H Horticulture Identification and Judging Publication – 4H PSJ 20

This publication provides guidelines and information for Florida 4-H members and Master Gardeners participating in state contests held annually at 4-H University or the Master Gardener Annual Conference. These contests provide the opportunity to study horticultural plants and their parts and products. Participation in the contest should result in improved abilities to recognize, use, grow, and appreciate the offerings of horticulture. Click here to download the contest rules and glossary.

State Contest

When: 1:30PM-4:30PM Tuesday, July 26th 2016, during the week of 4-H University

Where: Gainesville, FL

Participation Criteria: Open to all senior 4-H members (between the ages of 14-18 as of September 1st).  Junior (ages 8-10) and intermediate (ages 11-13) may participate but are not eligible for awards.

Participation Procedures:

  • County:           Establish own regulations
  • District:            Optional competition
  • State:               One senior level team consisting of three or four members (14-18 years old) per county.
  • National:          The state winning team is eligible to represent Florida in the National Junior Horticultural Association Conference and Contest.  Eligibility is based on score received at the state contest and is awarded at the discretion of the state specialist.

Please note: The following plants have been removed and new plants have been substituted:

Removed Substituted
Elderberry Olive
Anthurium Bird’s Nest Fern
Gladiolus Bird of Paradise
Gloxinia Ti Plant / Cordyline
Poinsettia ZZ Plant
Stokes Aster Beach Sunflower
Fakahatchee Grass Thryallis
Loblolly Bay Southern Red Cedar
Pfitzer Juniper Needle Palm


  • Trophies will be given to top individuals at the state level. Partial sponsorship to national competition may be provided to the first-place team and high individual, contingent upon available funding. In order to be eligible for partial sponsorship, the combined first place team score, and the high individual score, must be equal to or greater than 80%.

Contest updates and registration information will be online at http://4huniversity.com/about/

For questions contact Dr. Jeff Williamson – jgrw@ufl.edu