Tallahassee, FL
June 15-19, 2015

Cost: $230

Legislature Program

Senior 4-H’ers come together to develop their skills debating, analyzing legislation, and speaking publicly all while making new friends and having a whole lot of fun. At this civic education event, youth write bills, then act as lobbyists, Representatives, or Senators to pass the bills through committee and then present, and debate, them on the Capitol House or Senate Floor. They have the opportunity to debate issues and experience the legislative process hands-on while having a great time with their friends! Legislature is traditionally open to Senior 4-H’ers ages 13 to 18 as of September 1 of the current 4-H year.

Bill Writing

Each year, the 4-H Legislature Planning Committee is responsible for developing the bills that will be used at Florida 4-H Legislature. The committee welcomes and invites 4-H members, volunteers and Extension Agents to submit bills and/or ideas for bills.  Any 4-H member may submit a bill or an idea for a bill to be included for consideration among the bills for Florida 4-H Legislature. The 4-H Legislature Committee and Adult Steering Committee, with the approval of the Associate Dean of Florida 4-H, will make the final decision as to which bills are published for use at Florida 4-H Legislature.

Ideas for bills should be submitted to the 4-H Legislature Planning Committee Chair. Each bill submitted should also include one pro statement and one con statement.  Bills to be considered for the next year’s 4-H Legislature may also be submitted during the current 4-H Legislature.  All bills for the 2015 4-H Legislature are due by January 5, 2015.

Purpose of Bills:

Each 4-H bill is designed to correct an existing problem somewhere in the state. As is often the case, a bill affects groups of people in entirely different ways. In other words, a benefit for one group may be a disadvantage for another group. Due to differences in opinion, lobby groups are established as “vested interest” groups. The purpose of each “vested interest” group is to promote passage of legislation that is beneficial to their group. In a similar manner, lobby groups guard against unnecessary legislation or legislation not beneficial to their group.

Preparing for Legislature


  • Registration will open March 17, 2015 and close May 1st.
  • A waiting list will be started after May 1st and all decisions on waiting list will be made no later than Monday, May 29th.  To be added to the waiting list, please contact ttesdall@ufl.edu.
  • Those registering after May 1st will be charged a $30/per county late fee.


Program Questions:

Tracy Tesdall
Debbie Nistler

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