Marine Ecology Event

What is the 4-H State Marine Ecology Event?black sea bass

The 4-H State Marine Ecology Event (MEE) provides 4-H youth with opportunities to demonstrate their knowledge of the marine and aquatic worlds. To prepare for the MEE, 4-H Leaders and club members go on marine field trips, visit museums and aquariums, have group study sessions, conduct internet research, and develop their own “mock contests”. In the process, youth learn important life skills.

The contest is divided into 5 sections. They are:

1. Marine and coastal plant identification;panacea

2. Marine invertebrate animal identification;

3. Marine vertebrate animal identification;

4. Natural History Scavenger Hunt;

5. Knowledge of marine concepts and issues.

 CLICK HERE for list of youth winners for the 2016 State MEE!



Service Learning in Aquatic and Marine Education and Conservation (SLAMEC) Mini-grants up to $300 may be available to clubs to support service learning projects in their community.  Any 4-H club can participate.

2017 SEA PERCH Mini-Challenge will be held during the MEE!

Youth are invited to come to the MEE and participate in a SEA PERCH ROV Mini-CHALLENGE. Sea Perch is an underwater robotics program that clubs can get involved in. Date: November 4, 2017


Marine Ecology Event (MEE) 2017

Sponsored by the Guy Harvey Ocean Foundation

Saturday, November 4, 2017
Osceola County Extension Office
1921 Kissimmee Valley Ln, Kissimmee, FL

Registration Information

Cost: $12 per youth participant. Adult and youth observers are free.

The MEE is open to three groups of 4-Hers:

  1. Juniors (8-10)
  2. Intermediates (11-13)
  3. Seniors (14-18)

This year Marine Ecology will be moving their registration online to Florida 4-H Online (!

  • When: September 14-October 21
  • Late registrations will be accepted until October 27th, but will incur a $30/county late fee.

Youth Participants and Team Leaders will need to have family profiles on 4-H Online and will need to register via the above link. Please consult with your county Extension office if you have any questions regarding 4-H Online if you do not have a family profile. Otherwise, please refer to this form to help you with registering for the event.

To help prepare you for registration, examples of what the registration forms look like are linked below:sea urchin

  • Youth Participant Registration Form: EXAMPLE
  • Team Leader Registration Form: EXAMPLE
    • Volunteer roles can be found HERE and should be entered by the Team Leader in the appropriate field (see above).
  • Yellow fields are filled out by the county agent upon approval in their County 4-H Online system
  • General youth/adult observers do not need to fill out a registration form.

Event Schedule

Check-in………………………………………8:30 am – 9:00 am
Volunteer assignments ……………..9:00 am – 9:15 am
Introduction to Event……………………9:15 am – 9:45 am
Event/Rotations…………………………. 9:45 am -12:00 noon
Education Activities…………………….10:00 am – 1:30 pm
Lunch…………………………………………..12:00 pm – 1:30 pm
Recognition/Awards………………….. 1:30 pm – 3:00 pm

Promo Flyers

These one page promotional flyers are available for club leader / member distribution.

2016 Photo Contest

The State Marine and Aquatic Photography Contest is coming up as well. The deadline for all county photo entries to be received at State 4-H Headquarters is Friday, October 21 by 5 pm. For guidelines and entry forms see:

MEE Guidelines & Forms (2017 guidelines coming in March)


Junior Specific Materials

Intermediate/Senior Specific Materials (2016 materials now up!)

Special 2017 Topic – Sea World’s – Sharks and Ray

Click here for link to more information!

MEE Study Aides

The following links provide additional materials that may be helpful in preparing youth for the State Marine Ecology Event!

Picture Flash Cards

These smaller “card-size” photos may be used in “mock MEE contests” by arranging them (or real specimens!) on a table. Youth identify the organisms by name and/or number from a given list (see next section). These cards may also be used in developing a “mock” scavenger hunts.

Organism Lists

These lists may be used for setting up mock contests. Youth identify the organism by looking for its name on the appropriate list. Once they see its name they should write down the corresponding number on the answer sheet (see next section). Note: Names are arranged alphabetically in groups so they do not follow the same order as in the slides on the CD.

Practice Answer Sheets

These “mimic” the real answer sheets used in each section of the contest.

Upcoming MEE Workshops

A number of Florida Sea Grant agents hold “mock” Marine Ecology Events to help 4-H youth prepare for the state event.  Check back later for possible dates.  Registration is usually required. 



For more information, please contact the following:

MEE Coordinator 4-H Online County Contacts
Karen Blyler Ben Knowles Local Extension Offices
State 4-H Science Coordinator State 4-H Information Coordinator Link