Marine Photo Contest

A Marine/Aquatic Photography Contest was held in conjunction with the 2016 State Marine Ecology Event on November 5 at the Osceola County Extension Office in Kissimmee, FL.

Click here to view the 2016 Marine and Aquatic Photo Contest gallery of winning photos!
Click here for 2016 List of 4-H Marine and Aquatic Photography Contest Winners

The contest is open to all 4-Hers. Participants who enter the photo contest do not need to be present. Please remember – All entered photos must go through the county’s Extension office. IMPORTANT: In order to meet the state’s deadline, county Extension offices may have earlier deadlines for receiving photos. Please contact your county Extension office/4-H agent for this information. PHOTO CATEGORIES There are 5 categories that youth can enter photos in. The categories are:

1. Marine Habitats and Ecosystems – This includes photos taken of coral reefs, beaches, marshes, mangrove habitats, etc

2. Marine Life 
– This includes photos taken of specific marine life such as shore/marine birds, fish, sea turtles, crabs, shells, etc.

3. People and Water – This includes people interacting with, impacting, or working in marine OR aquatic habitats. Examples would be photos of surfing, fishing, boating, swimming, pollution, etc.

4. Aquatic Habitats
 – Scenes of freshwater habitats such as lakes, streams, rivers, wetlands, etc.

5. Aquatic Life – Includes photos of specific types of freshwater plants and animals such as turtles, fish, freshwater birds, alligators, insects, etc.

Here are the 2017 Revised Rules and Guidelines (pdf) 2017 Revised Registration Form (pdf) 2017 Photo Contest Flyer (pdf)  All photos are due in the 4-H State office by 5pm on October 20, 2017, All photos must go through the county extension office first so please check with them for earlier due dates.

NOTE: This contest is open to all ages, however Cloverbud members may submit photos but their photos will not officially be judged. A separate area at the Event will display their photos. Please read the NEW rules and guidelines for additional information on Cloverbud entries. [/left]

For more information contact: 

Marine Aquatic Photo Contest  Karen Blyler Registration State Events Office County Contacts County Extension Offices   [/right]