Photo Contest

Summary for Electronic & Print Submissions

All state competition submissions must be digital submissions.  For County guideline please contact your County 4-H Agent. 


Make sure all photos have Photo Release Statements uploaded with them.

You can submit all Blue Ribbon placed photos to the State 4-H Photo Contest. However, each youth may not submit more than 5 entries

When submitting photos electronically, you will upload the photos and the release statements together. Please do not submit Cd’s or mail in any printed photographs.  Submission deadline is still June 1st

For the 2018 State Photo Contest, all entries will be submitted by agents via email. Agents, please submit applications to

Please title each photo in the format:  Last Name, First Name_County_Age Division_Photo Class

Example: Clover, John_Green County_Intermediate_Still Life

Entries titled incorrectly will not be accepted! 




Florida 4-H Photo Contest: Summary for Electronic & Print Submissions

Download a PDF summarizing the rules

Click here to download the Photo and Model Release

Click here to download the Scoring Rubric

Divisions for the Contest

Ages 8 – 10: Junior Division

Any youth 8-10 years old as of September 1 of the current 4-H program year is considered a junior.

Ages 11 – 13: Intermediate Division

Any youth 11-13 years old as of September 1 of the current 4-H program year is considered an intermediate.

Ages 14 – 18: Senior Division

Any youth 14-18 years old as of September 1 of the current 4-H program year is considered a senior.

Summary of the Contest

1. Entry Classes: The Classes in which entries are submitted have been are:





Architectural Elements

Still Life

Hat Tricks and Magic

Photo Story

Black and White

4-H Theme.

2. Number of Entries: A 4-H youth may submit up to 5 entries. However, each entry must be in a different class. Photographs cannot be dually entered into more than one class.

3. County Submissions: County 4-H Agents can submit all Blue Ribbon placed photos into the State 4-H Photo Contest. However, each youth cannot submit more than 5 entries. All photos submitted to the state contest must be submitted electronically. Please be aware electronic submissions will not be returned.

4. Eligibility of Photos: All photographs must have been taken by 4-H members within one year of the date of the photo contest state deadline (June 1 of the previous year).

5. Size of Photo: 

Photos should be at least 800 pixels by 1000 pixels and saved as a JPEG. The ideal 8×10 quality is 2400 pixels by 3000 pixels, which is the same as an 8×10 photo at 300 dpi (resolution). Any higher variations of the 8×10 ratio are allowed. The best way to tell is to take the lower pixel number and divide by the higher pixel number. If you get 0.8 then you’ve successfully hit the mark.

If your photos have a different pixel ratio you may still submit. However the photos will be judged using the 8×10 pixel dimensions. Which may cause your photo to appear stretched, compressed, or distorted. If you view a photo’s properties on your computer it will tell you the width and height in pixels.

If you are looking for a way to resize your photo, this website has received great reviews:

When submitting photos electronically please submit the Photo Release statement at the same time. Because you are submitting the photos electronically there is no need to submit a cd. Please title each photo in the format. Division-Class-Name of 4-H Youth-Photo Title

6. Mounting of Photographs (if required by county or district contest): This only applies to county and district level contests and the decision remains with the county/district. All photos submitted to the state contest must be submitted electronically.

Prints must be securely and permanently mounted on a non-frame board that may be of 5mm foam board or mat board no larger than 8 ” X 10″. Masonite, photo folders, corrugated cardboard or thin poster board is not acceptable. Double faced tape, glue or rubber cement is not allowed for mounting purposes. An adhesive spray or special adhesive board is best. Mat Framing (of any kind) is not allowed and will result in disqualification. Additional resources and instructions for mounting are available on the State 4-H Web at the Photography Contest site.

Mounting is only required for printed photos at the county and district level contests. All photos submitted to the state contest must be submitted electronically.

7. Photo Story Class submissions: A minimum of 3 photos to a maximum of 5 photos can be submitted individually in this class. Each photo must be sized 8″ x 10″ Submit the photos with the sequence number in the title to outline the story and provide an explanation about your “Photo Story” on the label/release statement.

8. Digital Files: When submitting an electronic photo there is no need for a CD. Please be aware submissions will not be returned.

9. Refusal Rights: The Florida 4-H Youth Development Program reserves the right to refuse inappropriate or unsuitable entries. Photograph must NOT be offensive, degrading, racists, or contain pornography of any form.

10. Alterations of photo: Although slight computer enhanced photos are allowed, such as crop, trimming, adjusting lighting, and red eye reduction; substantially altered photography, such as changing colors or applying design styles, using computer graphics will disqualify an entry.

11. Model Release Statement: Recognizable pictures of any adult or youth under the age of 18 must include a “Model release” signature. If a minor is in the photo, the signature MUST come from their parent or guardian. If the adult or parent/guardian will not sign the Model Release, then do not submit the photo into the contest. Examples of recognizable and un-recognizable photos of people are included on the Photography Contest resource Web page.

12. Awards: Junior, Intermediate and Senior entries will be judged separately. Best of Show Award will be presented to one photo in each age division. In the case of a tie, the winner will be decided by the highest Required Elements score of the tied photos. If the Required Elements scores are the same, the winner will be determined by the highest Impact & Creativity score. The process will continue in the following order: Required Elements, Impact & Creativity, Subject, Lighting, Focus, and Composition. In the event a tie still remains the area specialist will judge the photos to determine a winner. Best of Show Winners prints will be framed and displayed at various events throughout the year and displayed on the website.

What does 1st place indicate? The highest scored photo in each class within a single division is a 1st place winner.

What does 2nd place indicate? The 2nd highest scored photo in each class within a single division is a 2nd place winner.

What does 3rd place indicate? The 3rd highest scored photo in each class within a single division is a 3rd place winner.

What does Best of Show indicate? The highest scored photo of all 1st place class winners within a single division is the Best of Show winner. There are only 3 Best of Show winners, 1 per division; 1 Intermediate, 1 Junior, and 1 Senior.



Additional resources, including curriculum photography project books, video tutorials, Frequently Asked Questions and other photography skill learning modules are available online.

Pictures should depict activities typical of those in which 4-H members and their friends would likely participate. County and district level contests; All printed photos (single and series) must be mounted on a mat or foam core. No other mounted material (i.e. glass, wood, plastic, metal, etc.) will be considered. DO NOT SEND PHOTOS IN A GLASS OR PLEXIGLASS (or any other coating) Maximum size for a single photo is 8″ X 10″. Fill out and

securely attach the Florida 4-H Photo & Model Release form (see Appendix) to the back of the photo mount. Refrain from writing on the photo.

PROPER LABELING OF PHOTOS: Each entry must include the following information to ensure proper entry. Some information will be based on the division and class entered. The information MUST be legibly printed or typed on the photo release. For printed submissions the form must be affixed to the back of the printed photo in the center. For electronic submissions the form must be submitted electronically at the same time as the photo.


Judging Criteria: Photographers aiming for the Florida 4-H Youth Development Photography contest should be mindful of the criteria used in judging entries. In general, contest judges establish a viewing distance when evaluating photo quality, 8X10 photos are generally viewed from 14 to 16 inches. Participants should use viewing distance and the following criteria as guidelines:

 Required Elements





Impact & Creativity

Junior, Intermediate and Senior entries will be judged separately.

Three top entries will be selected for each class.

Three division winners will be selected from among the winning class entries in each division. These are considered Best of Show.

The winning senior division entries will be displayed Florida 4-H University. Junior and Intermediate winners will be announced the following week via and the Florida 4-H Facebook page.

A placing may not be awarded if the judges do not feel a placing is merited by the entry. All decisions by the judges are final. Score sheets are not returned.




Contact your county extension office for more information and for certification forms.


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