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Below are links and resources to help 4-H youth develop skills in photography. Although youth are not required to enroll in the photography project, IT IS HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. Enrollment in the photography project curriculum will develop the skills needed to present a stronger, high quality photo into the state contest.

Photography Curriculum Resources

These resources can be purchased  at the 4-H Mall.


Video Tutorials on Properly Applying a Mat Board to a Photograph

How to Mount an 8 x 10 on Perfect Mount Board How to Dry Mount a Photography Using a Hot Press Mounting Photos is Easy as Pancakes Using Spray Glue and a Foam Core Board

Some  resources for mounting supplies include: Hobby Lobby, Michaels, Walmart, Blick Studio, local framing shops, and art supply stores.

Understanding the Model Release

Checklist for Determining Need for a Release – by Dan Heller Photography

Why You Need Releases – American Society of Media Photographers

Seven Tips for Taking Photos in Public Places Wildlife Photography Ethics Examples of RECOGNIZABLE People in Photos (Model Release Signature IS Required)

Examples of NON-Recognizable People in Photos(Model Release Signature IS NOT Required0

Online Photography Learning Resources

General Resources

Understanding the Camera

Photo Techniques Resources

Black and White Photography Tips

Camera Lens Techniques/Filters

Free online editing software

Museums & History of Photography

Helpful Resource for Starting a Photo Contest

Starting a Photo Contest Winners Loan Program in Your County

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Need more info?

If you have questions about the contest, contact Shaumond Scott at the State Office.