4-H Day of Service

“The Florida 4-H State Council is proud to be continuing the State Service Project – “Serving Those Who Serve Us.”  This project is a call to action for 4-H members to engage in service projects that will help those who do so much for our community (such as teachers, 4-H agents, fire fighters, police officers, librarians, military service men and women, social workers, park ranger, etc) while showing our appreciation to them.  4-H members can use this project at a district, county, and club level.

We are partnered with Kentucky and Tennessee 4-H and had 4-H Civic Engagement Day during National 4-H Week.  Below you will find resources assembled by the Florida 4-H State Project Committee to help you and your fellow 4-H members get involved in this exciting initiative, and carry out your own service projects. The State Project guide below also contains sample project ideas, and a report back system, so you can share your work with others across the three states!

On October 11th, Florida 4-H, along with Kentucky and Tennessee, took part in 4-H Civic Engagement Day! 4-Hers all around the Southern Region participated in service projects as a joint effort to “Serve Those Who Serve Us.” We have received many project reports from 4-Hers who have been making a difference in their counties and districts throughout the month of October.

Even though the official day might be over, you can still participate in 4-H Day of Service throughout the rest of the month of October! Join in the effort to Serve Those Who Serve Us in the month of October by leading or participating in a service project near you! Even one 4-Her working toward service, creates a huge impact on our communities! ”

4-H Day of Service Promotion Toolkit:

For more information, please contact Grace Carter at grace.carter@ufl.edu.