4-H/Tropicana Public Speaking Program

Classroom Resources for Educators

School enrichment curriculum resources are an important part to the 4-H program in Florida. To learn more about 4-H In the Classroom, contact your county’s Extension office.

Please keep in mind each county’s 4-H/Tropicana Public Speaking Program operates differently. Check with your county’s 4-H agent, to learn about your county’s guidelines.

Resources for 4-H Faculty & Staff

Program Overview

Program Implementation

Evaluation Instruments

  • To access Tropicana Youth, Parent, and Teacher evaluation instruments in hard copy, please email Sarah Whitfield at solara@ufl.edu, who will give you access to the documents in the Gator Cloud One Drive, available here!
  • To complete your evaluation electronically, please select the appropriate Qualtics link:


For more information on local opportunities through the 4-H/Tropicana Public Speaking program contact your local County Extension Office

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