Starting a rabbit project can be a fun and exiting experience, but as you would find in any animal project there are a lot of responsibilities. The activities throughout this project will help to make sure that you are well prepared to care for a rabbit. At the top of this page, you will find a document that explains how to properly handle a rabbit. Be sure to read this information before attempting to handle rabbits in this project.


There are ten Required Activities to be completed for the Getting Started with Rabbits project. To visit the web page for each activity, just click on the activities listed below. Read the information and instructions provided, then complete the activity at the end of that site.

Use the buttons at the bottom of each page to take you to the next page of that activity. If you need to return to this list of activities, simply click on the rabbit picture at the top of each page.


Activity 1 - Are Rabbits for Me? (click here)
Use this series of simple questions to help you decide whether a rabbit project is right for you.

Activity 2 - Rabbit Industry (click here)
Learn the four factors which will help you determine the proper breed for your rabbit project.

Activity 3 - American Rabbit Breeders Association (ARBA) (click here)
Learn to use the web resources at the ARBA web site in order to identify different breeds and weights of rabbits.

Activity 4 - Rabbits, Rabbits Everywhere (click here)
Test your knowledge about rabbit breed, size, body type, fur type, and related industry as you match rabbit photos to the proper traits.

Activity 5 - My Rabbit Profile (click here)
Begin to focus in on which rabbit breed you would like to use for an upcoming rabbit project as you describe the nature of and needs for that specific breed.

Activity 6 - Project Costs (click here)
Understand the costs involved in a rabbit project by making a list of all the materials and supplies that you would need to begin and maintain your project, and then compare the cost and quality of those items between two different stores.

Activity 7 - Choosing a Healthy Rabbit (click here)
Visit a pet store or local rabbit breeder in order to evaluate the health of a rabbit.

Activity 8 - Weekly Planner (click here)
Find time in your weekly schedule to properly take care of your rabbit.

Activity 9 - The Proposal (click here)
Present the information that you have gathered about starting and maintaining a rabbit project to your parents.

Activity 10 - Rabbits in My Community (click here)
Use the information you have learned throughout this project to help rabbits in your community through volunteering at a local pet rescue, rabbit breeder, pet store, or veterinarian.