The Market Rabbit project focuses on establishing a rabbit-related business and aiming to make
a profit from this endeavor. In order to undertake a successful business, you must first determine
the demand in your community and then find a rabbit option that meets this demand. The Market
Rabbit project investigates four different options within the rabbit industry. The option you choose
will depend on your rabbit’s breed and its production potential, as well as which option interests
you. Using creativity and ingenuity you will be able to use your market option to meet the
demand in your area while making a profit.

Four Rabbit Options for the Market Rabbit Project

Rabbit production: The final products for this option are the rabbits themselves, without any further processing. Rabbits are produced for sale as pets, breeding stock, or show quality animals. These rabbits have to possess certain characteristics depending on its planned use.


Fiber production: Textile production uses Angora-type rabbit breeds to produce wool. Using various methods, depending on the rabbit’s breed, the wool is collected from the rabbit several times throughout the year. This wool can be sold raw, without any further processing, or can be spun into yarn.   


Fur production: Within this option, the rabbit’s coat is harvested to produce quality pelts that are used in the textile industry. While the Satin and the Silver Fox breed are used, the most commonly used breed is the Rex.


Meat production: This option processes the meat of a rabbit that has reached the appropriate age and weight, becoming either fryers or broilers. Breeds of Commercial and Standard body type are used in this production. The most prominent breeds in the United States are the New Zealand and the Californian.


Specific information regarding housing, nutrition, breeding, health and general care is covered for each of these options within the project. It is up to you to apply the knowledge you gain to the option you select. Each section in the project starts with a problem-solving scenario. You will need to use the information in the section to help you solve the scenario. At the end of each section you will be asked to apply the information that you learned to your own project. Click here to begin the Market Rabbit Project.