The market rabbit project centers on producing rabbits for a profit. You will assess the market potential for rabbits in your community and attempt to market your rabbits as products. When people discuss “Market Rabbits,” they often think only of using rabbits for their meat. However, in this project, you will have the opportunity to study meat rabbit production, as well as the textile rabbit markets and pet or show stock production for your market project.

There are nine Required Activities which must be finished in order to complete the Market Rabbit project. Click on the activities listed below to visit the web page for each activity. Read the information and instructions provided, then complete the activity at that page. There are also four industry-specific activities for exploring more of the world of rabbits.


Required Activities
Activity 1 - Market Rabbit Industries (click here)
Learn how to select the rabbit that is right for your project.

Activity 2 - Developing A Market Plan (click here)
Learn how to develop a market plan for your rabbits that addresses the needs and market within your community.

Activity 3 - Record Keeping (click here)
Learn how to keep proper records of your rabbit project including health, costs, and monthly care schedules.

Activity 4 - Housing & Equipment (click here)
Learn about the appropriate housing and equipment you will need for for your rabbit project.

Activity 5 - Nutrition (click here)
Learn about proper rabbit nutrition, treats, chew toys, and supplements.

Activity 6 - Grooming (click here)
Learn about the tools necessary for grooming your rabbit as well as proper grooming techniques for different rabbit breeds.

Activity 7 - Illnesses & Treatment (click here)
Learn how to identify and treat the various illnesses and diseases that commonly affect market rabbits as well as preventative measures that can be taken to limit these occurances.

Activity 8 - Breeding Your Rabbits (click here)
Learn how to properly sex your rabbits as well as prepare and participate in the breeding of your rabbit stock.

Activity 9 - Sustainable Agriculture (click here)
Learn how to incorporate sustainable agriculture practices into the everyday life of your rabbitry.


Industry-Specific Activities
Rabbit Production - Fostering Kits (click here)
Learn to foster baby rabbits when adequate milk production is unavailable.

Activity 1 - Give a Presentation
Activity 2 - Volunteer at a Rabbit Rescue Shelter
Activity 3 - Foster or Hand-feed Your Rabbits

Meat Production - Dressing a Rabbit (click here)
Learn to fix a carcass.

Activity 1 - Prepare a Rabbit Recipe
Activity 2 - Joint a Rabbit Carcass
Activity 3 - Dress a Rabbit Carcass

Fiber Production - Collecting Wool from a Rabbit (click here)
Learn multiple ways to collect wool from an Angora-type rabbit.

Activity 1 - Visit a Yarn Store
Activity 2 - Collect a Rabbit's Wool
Activity 3 - Give a Demonstration on Wool Collection

Fur Production - Tanning a Pelt (click here)
Learn to properly tan a rabbit pelt.

Activity 1 - Explore Rabbit Pelt Curing
Activity 2 - Investigate Skinning and Preservation Techniques
Activity 3 - Skin a Rabbit and Cure the Pelt