Using Foreign Substances on a Show Rabbit
As you prepare for a show, remember that it is both unethical and illegal to use foreign substances when grooming your rabbit. The use of silicone-based preparations, polish of any kind, powder, etc. are cause for disqualification from competition. The use of any product to color a toenail that is not of the proper color is also forbidden.

Any alteration of the animal’s natural state by use of foreign materials is strictly prohibited in showing rabbits. If your rabbit is found to be using a foreign substance, it will be disqualified along with the rest of your entire entry. So, remember:

Rabbits are to be exhibited in their natural state.


But, what about giving a rabbit a bath?
Rabbits are very receptive to grooming and the attention they receive during this process. It isn't necessary to bath pet miniature rabbits. It can actually be quite harmful to them. Certain spray-on dry shampoos may be used, and then rubbed out with a towel to brighten rabbit’s fur and to remove hutch stains from light colored rabbits. But, again, all the foreign substances must be removed prior to the show.