The show rabbit project focuses on all the aspects of showing rabbit according to the American Rabbit Breeders Association (ARBA) show guidelines, showmanship skills, and breed Standards of Perfection. You will learn to asses a rabbit based on its Standard of Perfection, helping you to identify faults and choose from reliable breeding stock. Rabbits who are a part of this project will need to be tattooed and will need to attend at least one rabbit show. If you are considering adopting a rescue rabbit, it is recommended that you use the Pet Project instead with that rabbit.

There are nine Required Activities which must be finished in order to complete the Show Rabbit project. Click on the activities listed below to visit the web page for each activity. Read the
information and instructions provided, then complete the activity at that page. There are also
supplemental activities for exploring more of the world of rabbits.

Use the buttons at the bottom of each page to take you to the next page of that activity. If you
need to return to this list of activities, simply click on the rabbit picture at the top of each page.


Required Activities
Activity 1 - My Rabbit Profile (click here)
Learn how to select the rabbit that is right for a show rabbit project.

Activity 2 - Housing & Equipment (click here)
Learn about additional equipment needed for your show rabbit project.

Activity 3 - Nutrition (click here)
Learn about proper rabbit nutrition and supplements necessary for proper conditioning of show rabbits.

Activity 4 - Record Keeping (click here)
Learn how to keep proper records of your show rabbit project including health, monthly care schedules, costs, and show earnings, as well as how to fill out forms including registration, entry, and remark cards.

Activity 5 - Choosing Your Rabbit (click here)
Learn how to properly handle a rabbit and select one that is healthy when choosing the rabbit that is right for you.

Activity 6 - Cage Care (click here)
Learn about the appropriate housing and equipment you will need for for your rabbit project.

Activity 7 - Grooming (click here)
Learn about the tools necessary for grooming your rabbit as well as proper grooming techniques for different rabbit breeds.

Activity 8 - Illnesses & Treatment (click here)
Learn how to identify and treat the various illnesses and diseases that commonly affect rabbits as well as preventative measures that can be taken to limit these occurances.

Activity 9 - Time To Show (click here)
Learn how to enter your rabbit into competition, use skills of rabbit showmanship, and properly prepare and participate in rabbit judging.


Supplemental Activities
Activity A -
Sexing Your Rabbit (click here)
Learn how to identify the gender of your rabbit.

Activity B - Tattooing Rabbits (click here)
Learn to establish a personal identification system for your rabbits using tattoos.