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*Before you begin, please be aware that this section contains graphic images for the purpose of showing proper identification techniques.


Identifying Male Rabbits
Male rabbits have testicles that descend between 9-20 weeks of age. If your rabbit has not been fixed, the easiest thing to look for is the testicles, if he is old enough. They are near the genital opening and flesh colored. Fur often hides the testicles, so you will need to feel with your fingers pushing fur out of the way.


If your rabbit is young or has been neutered, you will need to examine the genitals. To do so, gently place a finger to each side of the genital opening and lightly apply pressure down. Examine what pops up. Sometimes the penis pops right out.


Other times, the penis does not appear, this often happens with
younger animals. You will see a long tube with a small circular opening
you see a tube with a small opening at the top. A female will have more of a slit like opening