Quotes from 4-H Youth

4-H has helped me to open up and help make me a more responsible person. I am now
able to speak in front of people and have joined many clubs. I am very glad that
I joined 3 years ago.  -Kori Davis, DeSoto County


4-H has taught me many life lessons like how to grow a garden and about how to
take care [of them] and the different types of animals. I am also learning to improve my
leadership and citizenships skills by being active in my club and my county 4-H. -Kacie Walsh, Osceola County


I can use the things I say in my pledge everyday and I love all of my new pets I
have responsibility over now. -Emma Hardaway, Lake County


4-H has impacted my life by giving me the confidence to stand in front of crowds
and show my animals. It has also taught me to be a good demonstrator and teacher
for my club. -Maleah Ashby, Citrus County


4-H has helped me become a better listener and reader. It has given me the
courage to stand up for myself and partcipate in drama activities that I’m
normally too shy to be in. I love 4-H and being part of the photography club, it
has helped me see the world through a different set of eyes. -Blake Hurst, Hillsborough County


I learned that 4-H isn’t about winning, it’s about making new friends, working
together, and doing the best you can while having fun. -Nicholas Lollie, Hernando County


4-H has a huge impact on my life. I have learned so much about agriculture, community service, public service, and being a leader in my 4-H community. I feel 4-H will give me so much in my future and I’m so thankful I’m a part of this wonderful organization. -Wyatt Kofke, Hardee County


4-H taught me to not give up when things get too hard. -Amaiya Roundtree, Miami-Dade County


Do you have your own 4-H quote you’d like to share with us?