4-H Program

Standards & Expectations Support Plan

The 4-H Program Standards & Expectations were released in October 2013. The purpose of that document was to clarify standards for effective county-based 4-H Youth Development programming. This Implementation Support Plan is designed to communicate to all 4-H faculty and volunteers the efforts designed to support county programs implement the Standards & Expectations.

This document is organized by the five major categories of expectations of all county 4-H programs. For each category a set of action items and deliverables are identified. A timeline has been set for each item. This is the date by which the action item/deliverable will be completed. Further, a “Lead” has been assigned to each item. This person(s) is responsible to provide leadership for the completion of the assigned action item/deliverable. In almost all instances, a team of individuals will work together on the item.

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Program Delivery

These resources include 4-H Program Management, Program Delivery Best Practices, 4-H Program Governance and Policy, and 4-H Web Site and Social Media Guidelines.

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Professional Development

Access In-Service Training, and the Florida Association of Extension 4-H Agents.

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Project Resources including curriculum

Event management resources, Awards & Recognition, Club Resources, IFAS Publications and National 4-H Curriculum Publications.

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Working with Volunteers

Recruiting minority volunteers, ISOTURES, Risk and Financial management, Privacy Statement.

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Working with Youth

Bullying and Harassment issues for Teens by Kate Fogarty.

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Evaluation and Reporting

4-H Online Enrollment, Evaluation tools, ES-237 Reports and Archive, UNIFAS, Statistics & Trends, Tax Reporting

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Information Technology

Polycom and Illuminate conferencing, and IFAS Share Point.

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Program Promotion

Communications resources, internal and external materials to promote
4-H in your community.

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Accountability for Project Managers

In keeping with University of Florida fiscal guidelines, project managers and others are required to provide adequate documentation of expenses for project accounts within the Foundation. The following forms and links are provided for that purpose:



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