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4-H 101 Staff Training Program Materials

4-H 101 Training Resources at this site were developed and are provided by the National 4-H Headquarters with some additional resources and materials developed by Florida4-H to support faculty and volunteers. 4-H 101 provides a general overview to guide 4-H Youth Professionals and volunteers to understanding the structure, best practices and guidelines for organizing 4-H clubs. While 4-H 101 provides a national overview, specifc Florida guidelines and policy documents are listed following each Lesson Topic.

4-H 101 LESSONS More Training Resources

Lesson 1 - Introducing Youth Development

Lesson 2 - The Essential Elements of 4-H Youth Development

Lesson 3 - The Organizational Structure and History of 4-H

Lesson 4 - Understanding the Culture of 4-H

Lesson 5 - Understanding 4-H Youth Development Delivery

Lesson 6 - Life Skills and the Experiential Learning Model

Lesson 7 - Knowing and Using 4-H Curricula

Lesson 8 - Putting the Experiential Model to Practice

Lesson 9 - 4-H Club Basics

Lesson 10 - Starting 4-H Clubs

Lesson 11 - Conducting Club Meetings

Lesson 12 - Planning the 4-H Club Year

Lesson 13 - Marketing 4-H Clubs

Lesson 14 - Recruiting, Training and Recognizing Volunteers

Lesson 15 - Recognizing 4-H'ers Accomplishments

Lesson 16 - Making Action Plans

4-H 101 - Additional Resources

Appendix - References


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