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Background and Purpose

The 4-H Community Pride program involves helping the members of the group learn about their community and encourage them to improve the quality of their environment.

Objectives are to have youth:

  • learn about and understand their community and the impact it has on their lives.
  • know how to relate, individually and through group cooperation, in order to work effectively in community activities, programs, organizations.
  • develop skills and knowledge in community leadership.
  • gain experience in carrying out community projects to improve their environment.
  • develop an interest in and love for their community.


All 4-H members may participate in the Community Pride project.  A project is selected by the group.  The process of planning, implementation and evaluation is plotted out and discussed by the group members. Groups do not need to be requesting funds to submit a proposal.

Each group may submit a proposal for funding of Community Pride projects. Proposals accepted from the county must be in the State 4-H Headquarters by the November 1st deadline date to be considered for the current 4-H years funding. Those groups that are awarded funding MUST to follow up with the Florida 4-H Community Pride Report that will be made available when the award is received.  This will be a revised final report and will be due to the State 4-H Headquarters by the annual deadline. 



All Florida 4-H Community Pride Reports must be received by the June 1st deadline date to compete at the state level for recognition.  State judging takes place in June by the Record Review Committee and the top five reports are chosen for recognition at State 4-H Congress Community Pride Luncheon with a plaque.

PROJECT REPORTS WILL NOT BE RETURNED.  The State will keep these reports on file for future examples.  If the reports are not needed by the state and are available for return, a COUNTY EXTENSION FACULTY may request them to be returned.   This request cannot be guaranteed. 

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