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Florida 4-H Club Charters

Official 4-H club charters are offered to 4-H clubs as a requirement to use the 4-H name and emblem. All 4-H clubs, organized on either a formal or informal basis, using the name and emblem of 4-H must have some type of written evidence that recognizes them as part of the 4-H program conducted by the Cooperative Extension Service.  Such evidence should include:

  • a copy of an application form for a national 4-H Club Charter sent to the local Extension agent; and
  •  a written reply from the local Extension agent, including the club’s charter certificate, recognizing the group or unit as an official 4-H organization and authorizing use of the 4-H name and emblem. 

Individual clubs may have continuous use of their charter over many years, however, an annual Request for Continuance, is required by all club leaders.

A charter is issued or continued to a club when it meets the following requirements:

  • At least five members enrolled in a project
  • An organization with the necessary youth leadership
  • One or more local leaders
  • A planned program for the year

When requesting a Club Charter the Charter Request Form  should be filled out by the Club Secretary and signed by the Club President, Club Leader, and Extension Agent.  Once completed, the Extension Agent will then forward the request to the Stat 4-H Office.

Florida has established criteria for enrolling as an official 4-H Club. Clubs must be charted through a request to the local Extension Office, meeting the minimum criteria and a signature request for a charter. Official enrollment as a 4-H Club / receipt of a 4-H Club Charter gives the club the authority to use the 4-H name and emblem. Examples of what may be necessary for official enrollment are as follows.

  • The local club has five members (from at least two families) with completed enrollments
  • The club is organized with youth officers
  • There are one or more appointed and trained club leaders
  • An initial meeting place is secured for at least several consecutive months
  • An official non-discriminatory club name is chosen
  • Club rules, which may be in the form of by-laws, are established.
  • At least six or more regular meetings plus project meetings are scheduled
  • A written educational plan for the club program and activities is presented to the county 4-H office (draft is okay)

A copy of the club enrollment is kept on file with the local 4-H office.

4-H Club and Group Awards

Clubs may strive to meet specific standards of performance just as many club members will work to achieve standards.  Each of the four levels of standards are available for clubs to achieve. Criteria for Club Performance Standards can be found in the Appendix of this Module 4.56.

Club will receive a BRONZE Clover Certificate and name printed in the 4-H newsletter.

Club will receive a SILVER Clover Certificate and name printed in the 4-H newsletter.

GOLD Clover
Club will receive a Gold Clover Certificate and name printed in the 4-H newsletter.

Club will receive an EMERALD Clover Certificate, name printed in the 4-H newsletter and name in a news article submitted to the local newspaper for publication.


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