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Registration Materials and Instructions:

  • Form A: County-District-State Events - List all county qualifiers for district events on this form and have it to your district events chair two weeks prior to district events. Also send the form to the State 4-H Headquarters. Please copy this form if more space is needed for more blue ribbion winners.
  • Form B: County-State - All counties should send this form to both your district events chair, two week prior to district events, and the State 4-H Headquarters by the May 15 deadline.
  • Speeches: Three copies of each speech for General Public Speaking and Horse Public Speaking competition should also be sent to the District Chairperson two weeks prior to the district event. They must meet the format requirements listed in the Florida 4-H Events and Activities Handbook.
  • Please send all forms, for all age divisions to the State 4-H Headquarters to enable use to collect data and evaluate the current competitive event system!

Please send all forms to:
2142 Shealy Drive
PO Box 110225
Gainesville, FL 32611

A Note About Demonstration Categories:

Event categories have been made as broad as possible and all demonstrations must be within an area listed in the Demonstrations and Illistrated Talks Categories. For ease of reference, a copy of “Criteria for Demonstration/Illustrative Talks” is linked at the top of this page. To ensure that qualifying individuals compete in the correct category at State competitions, determine the correct category for project competition during your County Event. If you have any question about which category a project demonstration should be in, contact the State 4-H Headquarters.

District Level Events:

Districts will hold Junior, Intermediate, and Senior level event days. For these events, it is strongly recommended that Extension Agents be used in a supervisory or coordinating capacity rather than as judges. The best judges possible should be secured ahead of the event and should represent all counties involved. Be sure to consider the diversity of youth participating as you select judges. Plan carefully; our young people deserve a well-planned, well-executed event.

State Level Events :

Senior level competition is conducted at the state level. Juniors, Intermediates, and Seniors may participate in photo and poster exhibit opportunities. Most state level competition is based upon participation from county to district to state. However, not all events are structured in this matter. The registration forms also help define the competitive path for each event.

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